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The EPOS System for Restaurants that Requires Zero Setup

There’s a titanic quantity of POS software systems out there, and all of them claim to be quick, fast, and easy to use. It’s easy to get overwhelmed — and among the millions of downloadable solutions available, finding the right system to install can be a challenge. 

But what if we told you there was an easier way — that there was a restaurant ordering app requiring no POS setup available? Read all about our lightweight epos software for restaurants, one that promises you an easy way to offer customers digital orders right away.

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Better Business with a Lightweight App

POS systems demand a big commitment from the restaurant. To set up and use its various functions, restaurant owners need to invest a great deal of time, space, and energy into fine-tweaking software functionalities to fit their style of business. Then they have to purchase extra hardware to ensure that everything works.

Even with the more recent introduction of new solutions (such as a handheld POS system that uses an iPad or Android tablet), little has changed. These ePOS restaurant systems are clunky and simply not ideal for all businesses — especially smaller, more local hospitality businesses, which don’t require a system for the whole year. 

Carbonara App has both the essential features and functionality of an ePOS ordering system but with the stress-free flexibility of a mobile app. So read on: You will find out that offering customers a digital ordering platform was not so hard after all.

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Designed for the Local Spot

Small restaurants, cafes, or kiosks don’t have the time (or money) to make heavy investments in ePOS software designed for large-scale restaurants. Such systems are designed for much bigger venues. They come with too many unnecessary features that smaller hospitality venues simply don’t need. So why pay for features that you will never use?

The alternative is simple: Our lightweight ordering app means you can

  • Use a QR-code ordering system, for customers to purchase food and drink items
  • Create and edit digital menus, for customers to access and browse online
  • Deliver on customer orders, efficiently 

Accepting customer food-and-drink orders via a digital interface has never been easier. Carbonara App is an alternative to the heavy-handed style of typical ePOS restaurant system solutions. In other words, it is the perfect, ready-to-use epos software for restaurants, designed for quick and easy work.

Why is our app good for your business? Venue owners who run a tight, small team simply don’t need to waste money on an ePOS system for restaurants designed for bigger, more large-scale venues that are open all year round. 

Carbonara App fits the business model of low-key hospitality outlets, ensuring that they save money, time, and workload whenever customers are prepared to make an order. This works for many types of businesses — seasonal outlets, for example, that open during certain times of the year.

Are you a food kiosk open for festivals? Maybe you run a food counter at a fair, say, during Halloween? Find out more about how Carbonara App can help: 6 Ways to Attract Restaurant Business on Halloween.

An App for All Seasons — Kiosks, Pop Up Restaurants, Fairs

If your venue, restaurant, or bar chooses to go seasonal, there are many benefits to doing so. 

First, you will save money on the cost of goods, selecting only fresh produce, and avoiding price hikes at other times of the year. Read more information about the best methods to get started.

Next, you attract business during peak times of the year. The proof is in customer preferences: One recent survey has shown that 80 percent of diners are more likely to order local dishes with more seasonal twists.

But how will a seasonal restaurant plan anticipate customer orders, fitted to their needs?

Carbonara App requires one quick download, one quick sign-up, and one quick menu setup — and you’re done. Congratulations! You’re now an expert in being able to use the app and take customer orders digitally. 

To avoid all the typical headaches, Carbonara App has ease of use firmly in mind. So if you’re a seasonal hospitality venue looking for a quick and reliable order solution, our app is the way to go.

Automated Ordering — What to Know

The good news is that there’s not much to know. The Carbonara App team has crafted their own restaurant ordering solution that is simple and lightweight, to make the restaurant a better place both to visit and to work in. The app helps to automate certain work processes. Our exact features include:

  • A food-and-beverage pre-ordering system that reduces the staff workload. Saving time on processing orders, customers get to pick and choose what they would like to eat and drink. This works via the very helpful use of digital QR code menus, automatic texts, and digital menus. Read more about how customers do most of the work with our article on pre-order benefits.
  • A table booking system with ordering links. Launch your restaurant or small hospitality business online, accept bookings online and appear in Google searches, and allow customers to make orders on the day of their table bookings. The digital stratosphere is your limit: Who knows how many potential customers you’ll reach, either through a haphazard search on Reserve with Google or a customer review that makes its way onto the internet? 
  • A waitlist system that offers customers a pre-ordering system. From managing digital queues to allowing customers to wait on tables elsewhere (maybe in a nearby bar), customers now have the absolute freedom to move around, receive regular digital updates from their restaurant of choice, and make digital pre-orders as they wait. Check out how one popular street food venue using Carbonara App’s digital waitlist features is doing so right now in Liverpool.
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How to Run a Restaurant Off Site

With our digital ordering system in mind, there is one more point to make: Restaurant owners can work remotely.

The fact is some restaurant owners are not only that — they run other businesses too. Owners with busy schedules sometimes need to be in different places at different times.

Requiring no setup at all, restaurant owners can download Carbonara App and use its functions straight away indoors — all without having to actually be there. 

Ristorante le Canisela is one such venue. The owner, running both a restaurant and a busy hotel in the north Italian mountains, uses Carbonara App to manage his businesses. This is easy. With the app’s real-time ordering features, the owner can be in two places at once — digitally speaking.

‘Everyone loved this aspect of the app’s mechanics,’ the owner of Ristorante le Canisela has told us. ‘It saved time, informed, and kept them up-to-date [. . .] via their own devices and smartphones.’

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Download the Best EPOS Software for Restaurants

Finally, the good news is that our lightweight solution requires no:

  • Setup costs — an overall price that depends on the size of the business.
  • Restaurant subscription service fees — no monthly bills to offer your customers the latest and easiest way to make an online order.
  • Integration costs — the fees associated with networking one software system to another to make it compatible with one another.

If your small business has no POS system in place, Carbonara App already has you covered. Working with Stripe Connect, our venue can process customer payments with extra ease (with the added bonus of being able to accept over 135+ currencies).

Carbonara App is the perfect epos software for restaurants available right now. Try it out now — download it on Google Play or Apple App Store

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