Reserve with Google for restaurants

Explore Reserve with Google for Restaurants

Carbonara App has now partnered with Reserve with Google! Find out all the benefits of a restaurant’s online reservation features — completely free.

What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google is a web platform that is part of the vast and well-known internet search engine and tech family, Google. Alongside restaurants, Reserve with Google also provides the same reservation service to other businesses, such as barbers, gyms, and event organisations. 

Working hand-in-hand with other Google platforms (e.g., Maps, Assistant), Reserve with Google allows web users to make reservations at restaurant tables online — it’s as simple as that.

Notably, Reserve with Google has an integrated function, which makes it particularly useful for wider users of the Google platform. For example, making an online reservation at a participating restaurant, Google automatically adds the exact time, day, and date to the customer’s personal digital calendar, for them to consult at their own leisure. 

There’s an added bonus: Google also sends regular notifications on the customer’s reservation — time, day, and date — which users will receive via Google calendar and/or Gmail.

In sum, Reserve with Google amplifies the services Carbonara App already provides its user base, such as notifications, updates, and an overall sense of security for table bookings made over the internet.

Yet there’s more.

Why is Reserve with Google Important for Restaurants?

Because for customers, both old and new, reserving at a restaurant via a web browser has never been easier!

Carbonara App enables new customers using Google to book tables wherever they find them (for example, Google Maps). 

In a mere matter of clicks (or taps on a smartphone), a user can at once discover a new restaurant and reserve a table all in the same session online.

As such, new customers looking for new venues and doing their research on Google are new, potential customers that a restaurant may not find elsewhere.

All in all, Reserve with Google quickens the customer table reservation process — and allows them to manage their table bookings after, easily permitting customers to:

  • Check their booking details (Bookings > Upcoming)
  • Change their booking (Bookings > Upcoming > Modify)
  • Cancel their booking, if they prefer (click Cancel, next to the booking)

One of Reserve with Google’s most loved features is central to its beneficial features: customers can fill in any additional information, such as a Special Request for the meal ahead if the restaurant is willing to do so.

Key information, such as table limits (restricting the maximum number of minutes/hours that customers can stay seated to order food and drinks, for example, 90 minutes) is highly visible to the customer. This comes under an Important Note section, appearing directly underneath the guest’s booking details.

Did you know Carbonara App has many free features to help restaurants manage their floor plans? Table management features are super useful, giving staff a general overview of the building’s seating plan at a glance. Our ultimate guide on restaurant reservations covers everything essential that you need to know. 

Cancellation Policies

Reserve with Google for restaurants also offers customers the chance to observe a clearer, more succinct policy statement on how a restaurant deals with late cancellations and unexpected circumstances.

Essentially, customers no longer have to go searching tirelessly for policy statements hidden in the hypertext jungle of a restaurant website.

Instead, Reserve with Google helps to transform a restaurant’s policy statement into a customer-friendly document, essential for anyone who wishes to book a table online and on the spot.

Cancellation policies appear in a condensed and readable format before the customer reaches the Book button on Reserve with Google. Assuredly, this helps to inform all customers on the level of commitment they make when requesting a table from a particular venue, restaurant, or other food business.

In addition, a condensed form of a restaurant’s policy statement retains full fidelity to a restaurant’s rules and regulations, and are included in the customer’s confirmation email after the booking is made.

This means that restaurants can safely accept late cancellations without all the hassle — and with a good policy in place, restaurants have nothing to worry about when it comes to money matters and the ill effects of a late cancellation. 

For more on how Reserve with Google handles late cancellation requests, see their reserve page to learn more about how Google’s policies relate to you. 

Want to better safeguard your restaurant against late cancellations? Read our piece on restaurant reservation cancellation policies to write a watertight, legally binding statement online.
Remember: sadly, customers not showing up for their tables are an inevitable part of the restaurateur’s job — read how best to tackle reservation no-shows during the busy months.

Restaurants Using Reserve with Google are Saving Time

On the customer’s end, Reserve with Google is a pleasure to use, full of innovative efficiency and clarity of presentation. 

Anyone familiar with using a current, up-to-date web browser can use Reserve with Google with ease. It’s easier for customers to do so than, say, making a telephone call to a popular restaurant, only for the staff on site to be working busily on trying to handle swaths of new customers. 

When staff are unavailable, customers simply cannot efficiently use these more typical means of communication, quite simply blocking access to many, many new customers.

Over 50 per cent of restaurant customers in the UK use online technologies to book restaurant tables. With Carbonara App’s current partnership with Google, it is now far easier for this huge demographic of customers to research, locate, and book tables online.

Reserve Tables Efficiently With Carbonara App

Customers can book a table on Reserve with Google in less than ten seconds. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

For years online reservation technology has helped restaurants to reshape and transform their everyday booking procedures. Now, with Carbonara App, restaurants can transform their bookings.

With Carbonara App in place, customers simply book tables via their smartphones. All restaurants need to do is direct customers to their Reserve with Google page. Read more and find out how to set up your restaurant profile on Google Maps.

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