Manage the queue with ease.

The Carbonara digital waitlist removes the stress of seating walk-in guests.

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  • Reduce stress during peak periods.
  • Seat more customers.
  • Improve the guest experience.

All you need is a Smartphone.

What Restaurants Say

With Carbonara app, it's easy to manage the queue!

Add a customer to the queue with a phone number and the customer receives a pre-programmed (and customizable) message confirming that the customer is on the waitlist.

Send notifications with SMS

Press “Notify” and the customer receives a text message to return and be seated. Customers can reply if they want to indicate that they are running late or went elsewhere.

Advanced Messaging Features

2-way SMS
2-way WhatsApp
Phone call notifications
Tourist Language (English)

QR Code and Web Link

Have customers add themselves to the waitlist and save the staff some time. 

  • QR Code – Display this at your restaurant entrance
  • Web Link – Add this to your website

Manage tables and plan where to seat customers

Use the Carbonara App to manage your tables and indicate where waiting customers will be seated. 
Using more than one phone or tablet, your staff can collaborate to seat customers faster.

Waitlist Drink Ordering

Turn the Queue into Value by automatically proposing to customers to order a drink while they’re waiting.

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With Carbonara managing the queue is easy.

A simple Waitlist and Reservation system for any restaurant.

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