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Customisable Restaurant Seating Features with Carbonara App

Brand new restaurant seating features have arrived on the Carbonara App. Find out how they help our users, both old and new, to organise their tables.

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Restaurants and Table Plans

To begin with, table plans help organise restaurant server sections to make business more efficient. 

Efficiency depends on the quality of a restaurant’s table setup. A numbered table plan, for example, allows all staff members to effectively manage the floor, using standard techniques such as numbered rows.

From seating customers to delivering food, the daily running of a restaurant relies widely on good table organisation. This is where Carbonara App’s brand new restaurant seating features come in.

Create Custom Restaurant Seating Areas

Table management works best when it is orderly. A recent survey showed that 71 per cent of people feel that well-rounded management and strategic planning increases overall business productivity

That is why Carbonara App has released an exciting new additional feature that allows restaurants to create custom seating areas in the app’s system. 

Customers often request specific restaurant seating areas, and particularly in walk-in only restaurants, speed is very important. So having a colour-coded system to assist staff in quickly finding and locating customers with seating area requests is very helpful. 

Big restaurants with multiple areas (i.e., Outdoors: patio, terrace, balcony, etc. Indoors: main dining room, upstairs, downstairs, bar, etc.) will immediately feel the benefits of this new feature, being able to quickly determine a customer’s requested restaurant seating area at a glance, thereby allowing staff to seat customers much more quickly.

Reservation restaurants also benefit. For example, an ‘at a glance’ indicator gives an idea of the room a specific group has requested to dine in, or where staff have decided they should seat specific bookings. Plus, it may even help ensure a regular diner is seated in their favourite area of the restaurant.

Create Additional Advantages for Customers

These new features also make it easier for customers booking tables online.

Now, customers can choose their preferred seating areas online. For frequent customers, this is especially exciting: now they can indicate to the restaurant their favourite spots without any hassle, either via Google or a dedicated online booking page provided by Carbonara App.

Recently, Reserve with Google has integrated Carbonara App into its services. For customers using Google, to book a table at a restaurant has never been easier. Over 270 million unique visitors are regularly using the website in the USA alone. Find out how Reserve with Google can help your restaurant retrieve more guests.

How Coloured Restaurant Seating Types Work

Using a wide range of colours, digital table management is now a lot easier for restaurants.

Carbonara App users can now differentiate tables by area. For example, if a restaurant has an upstairs seating area, this can become part of the app’s table framework, enabling users to assign parties to tables.

In the Areas screen (Settings > Table Management > Areas) restaurants can add or remove colour-coded seating areas as they wish. Areas require a: 

  • Name
  • Location (e.g. Inside/Outside)
  • Colour

Then restaurants can add tables (Settings > Table Management > Table Inventory) to established areas. Each table that appears in a list is colour-coded to the table’s appropriate area as required.

As such, assigning a guest to restaurant seating is easy.

Carbonara App now has an in-built multi-seating function for restaurant seating areas, specially adjusted to customer preferences. 

For instance, your staff may receive a reservation with a certain request: that the customer will take the next available table in any area available. Thus, Carbonara App allows restaurateurs to assign multiple areas in the app to indicate such requests — for example, both inside and outside tables. Whatever the request, Carbonara App is here to help. 

Hundreds of Carbonara App users are already enjoying its easy-to-use management features. In the USA, for example, restaurants big and small are having a great experience with the app — including a food truck in Texas: “When Houston Hired Carbonara App”.