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Sweet success for Taberna la Yunta serving international guests

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Huelva in southern Spain is mostly known for its taut marshlands and ocean views along the coast, but Moguer — one of the region’s smaller locations — provides a different story.

About fifteen miles from the shore, Moguer is a historic town stowed with narrow streets that lead unto bright plazas. 

The buildings here make you feel like you’ve stepped into another century — the plaster as white as clouds, to steal a phrase from prize-winning Moguer-born poet Juan Ramón Jiménez. His birthplace is only a few streets away from one of the town’s most popular restaurants: Taberna la Yunta.

At the bottom corner of C. Huelva, this restaurant is a favourite among foreign visitors and locals alike. Expect to see a traditional Spanish set-up inside — high ceilings, thick white walls, and light-wood chairs — including a menu that serves universally excellent meals, such as barbeque meats and Mediterranean specials.

Taberna la Yunta’s popularity simultaneously became an asset and a problem for its staff. We spoke to Laura, an employee at the restaurant, about why the team there eventually sought out a hospitality management app.

Why a Hospitality Management App?

Taberna la Yunta had frequently reached max capacity, especially during the weekends.

Visitors even warned future guests via TripAdvisor to expect busy, crowded Saturday evenings when eating out at the restaurant.

This had made it more difficult for staff to arrange reservations. Using a pen-and-paper system was placing extra pressure on the team. Understandably, they had struggled to keep up with guest demand.

Laura told us that her restaurant had switched to a hospitality management app for the sake of convenience. They needed an app that would work efficiently, to sharpen staff workflow

Soon the team found Carbonara App — and it had everything they needed, all in one place. 

Laura said that the app helps her team manage “restaurant reservations in a personalised way” — a useful means to enhance guest interaction. Suffice to say, Taberna la Yunta were pleased with their choice.

hospitality management app Street Scene Moguer

Figure 1. Street Scene, Moguer by Adam Jones via Flickr

Reduced No-shows

All reservation-based restaurants confront the uncomfortable possibility of restaurant no-shows. Sadly, it’s an inevitability. 

A hospitality management app has helped Taberna la Yunta deal with the threat of customers not turning up. “It works perfectly,” Laura said, gladly. SMS messaging features have allowed Laura and her team to inform and remind upcoming guests on their bookings, helping them maintain a healthy table turnover.

taberna-la-yunta using hospitality management app

Figure 2. Image via Taberna la Yunta’s Instagram

Extra Support for Restaurants 

In a technological world filled with choice, hospitality management apps vary in quality — from the sub-standard to the very good. Fewer offer top-notch support.

Weeding out the competition, Laura felt surprised when she had found an app that went beyond the status quo.

Coming across the Carbonara App was a distinctive find. Whenever the team at Taberna la Yunta required extra assistance, Carbonara App was there for them to work out the problem. 

In Laura’s words, “a great team of professionals” manage Carbonara App. They’re always willing to provide an extra boost when necessary.

What’s more, Carbonara App’s best quality was this: the app is completely free.

Hospitality Management App — All You Need to Know

Very few hospitality management apps will offer you its features  — even fewer will cost you nothing at all

Unlike the rest, Carbonara App stands tall among a swath of costly competitors. App providers usually cost a fortune, charging expenses restaurants simply can’t afford. 

The list is endless: subscription costs, POS installation fees, and pay-per-booking charges being among the standard terms, entrenched in the tech industry’s common practices.

No longer. Laura had invited Carbonara App into her restaurant’s way of doing things. 

She agrees that it has improved Taberna la Yunta’s workflow, including the fact that it is “very easy to use”. All without costing her anything.

Taberna la Yunta has full confidence in Carbonara App. Wrapping up our conversation, Laura said that Carbonara App is the “best” hospitality management app out there. We’re very grateful to help them out!

Carbonara App works, costing restaurants absolutely nothing. Let’s help transform your reservations and contact us today!