5 Things to Know about a Virtual Waitlist App

With a virtual waitlist app, restaurateurs no longer have to stay on site!

It’s not just a trend; it’s a shift in lifestyle. The digital nomad movement is gaining traction, luring restaurant professionals out from the floor and into the wide, interconnected world. 

Learn about the benefits of a virtual waitlist app: a stroke of ingenuity in the constantly evolving landscape of restaurant work.

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Flexibility and Freedom

You set the stage of your work environment, and a virtual waitlist app is your ticket. The choice is your why, when, and where. 

Want the quiet of the mountains? Or the breeziness of a coastal retreat? The luxury of a city vista from a high-rise apartment? Perhaps you need to switch locations every month for a new burst of inspiration. With a virtual waitlist app, you hold the power to decide.

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Personalise Your Work Habits

In this new age, personal preference counts more than you think. 

The comfort of your surroundings directly impacts your productivity. Adjusting the thermostat to your perfect temperature or setting up your workspace facing the sunrise can make a world of difference to your day. 

The beauty of a virtual waitlist is that it doesn’t lock you down into one space at one time. It allows you to switch environments without the hourly stress of finding a new place. 

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Virtual Waitlist App Customer Community

A virtual waitlist app comes with various perks, such as a built-in hospitality community. Imagine sharing a co-living space with customers, coming through your doors. Sounds like the perfect mix for a networking smorgasbord.

Message Customers From Anywhere

This means that connections with customers are now a tap away. With guest-messaging features, your restaurant is able to keep in touch instantly with guests at the touch of a button. Message customers from your phone and keep an eye on waitlist processes via an app.

Plus, with guest contact details in place, your restaurant can easily engage in effective restaurant digital marketing strategies. Cultivate insights that could elevate your restaurant’s business — including repeat visits from customers. A steady customer community that returns time and again can be incomparably valuable. 

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Exclusive Customer Access to Desirable Locations

Customers benefit too. With a digital waitlist in place, your restaurant grants them priority access to the most coveted destinations nearby.

Beat the Crowds

Imagine strolling along a white sandy beach without a single soul in sight. Customers are in luck. A virtual waitlist app allows customers to experience the best of a location at the best of times: for instance, when it’s not overrun by tourists.

Customers now have the luxury to explore the local area. The age-old alternative would lock customers into a service area with parameters. For instance, a restaurant buzzer system has a limited radius, curbing the physical range of a waiting customer. 

Yet with a digital waitlist in place, your restaurant can wave goodbye to such unnecessary frustrations.“Most restaurant pagers systems are just plain annoying”: read why diners prefer SMS reminders to restaurant pager systems.

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Reduced Stress and Hassle for Staff

One of the biggest detractors from an otherwise enjoyable restaurant experience is the logistical headache. Yet a cloud-based digital waitlist takes the pressure off, giving you the peace of mind that customers have secure places in line.

Hassle-Free Workflow

Your staff are no longer running around the restaurant, back and forth to and from the host stand to check up on who is next in line. Thankfully, a digital waitlist has everyone covered. 

In a recent USA Today poll on customer-service related components, quality of a restaurant app appeared in the top 11 answers. 

Ensure a High-Quality Service

With a virtual waitlist app, your restaurant can offer customers the level of digital experience they crave.

No more surprises. With waitlisted spots, customers get a pre-approved place in the line, with a SMS confirmation, that meets the standards of both the restaurant and customer. For customers, it means less risk of unpleasant surprises upon arrival — which in turn means better reviews for your business online.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Remote restaurant technology already has its cost efficiencies, but a virtual waitlist app can take it a step further. 

Transparent Pricing

With many remote location platforms, pricing is outlined upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and can budget accordingly. 

Most importantly, the price should fit the features. Every restaurant should look out for 4 things when choosing a virtual waitlist app, including:

  1. Ease of use. Simplicity is key. Your app should be a breeze to use with little complications. For instance, is the app easy to navigate from screen to screen? 
  2. Features, features, features. Look for the essentials. An ideal virtual waitlist app should have in-built guest messaging features to enable two-way communication between customers and the restaurant.
  3. Adapted to restaurants. Not all virtual waitlist apps are optimised for restaurants. A queue app for, say, a hospital will be widely different from a restaurant’s needs. 
  4. Check the costs. Various companies divide and slice the cost in several ways. Ensure that your business locates the best pricing scheme that fits your overall needs.

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