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Restaurants to Add to Your Southern Spain Itinerary

The coastal routes in southern Spain are always an immaculate sight. From the Costa del Sol, flaunting palm trees on the pedestrian pathways stick close to the coastline, providing an ideal frame to look through, to view a glittering aquamarine body of water, the north Atlantic ocean. 

Visitors who walk these ways will come across all the familiar sights — morning joggers, sand artists, salesmen selling small ornaments, crafty trinkets — and that includes the restaurants near the sea.

The mid-year seasons bring millions to the Costa Del Sol’s hospitality shores, but lesser known are the venues, tabernas, and sun lounges further west.

When summer comes, there are ample opportunities to explore and enjoy the heat of this coast’s yellow beaches. Look out for these restaurants, with super simple ways to gain seats. Outdoor seating areas provide a sweet spot for foot-weary travellers who want to enjoy meals by the coastline, lapped by the consistently soothing sound of swelling waves.

Making a booking at holiday restaurants has never been easier. Plus restaurants don’t have to pay exorbitant costs to provide customers with a first-class booking experience in the sun. Find out more about how it all works, including a free drinks pre-ordering service to complete the best customer experiences for restaurants in Spain’s southern coast. 

When Do Restaurants Open in Spain?

Are restaurants open in Spain’s southern coast? Of course! However, travellers and visitors must keep in mind Spain’s unique opening hours.

Like most of the country, restaurants in south Spain are well-known for their late meal times. Restaurants usually close during siesta hours, that is the late afternoon. Visitors can go for both breakfast and lunch typically between 11 am—3 pm, when guests can enjoy a midday tapa, beer or wine, then almuerzo (lunch).

Dinner is served at night time, usually around 10—11 pm.

As a rule, bookings are a key part of the journey. Yet in our list there’s nothing to fear. These restaurants to add to your south Spain itinerary offer guests the chance to easily make an advance booking via their smartphone. It’s that easy.

Six Restaurants to Add to Your Southern Spain Itinerary

Planning your southern Spain itinerary and don’t know where to start? From Huelva to the Portuguese border, our list ensures you’ll visit some of the best spots in the area.

Remember: Exploring the best restaurants near Huelva on Spain’s southern coast can be fun, but make sure to prioritise personal safety with free travel guidance from the Instituto de Turismo de España. 

Taberna La Yunta

Our first stop is more inland, but worth the journey fifteen miles from the shore. The historic town of Moguer is a collection of swift winding streets and open plazas. The buildings are made with plaster as white as clouds, and the interiors are resplendent in their old-style glory: all light woods and high ceilings.

Taberna la Yunta is one of the best restaurants in Huelva province, that is, Moguer’s most popular and cherished restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a banquet of chargrilled barbeque meats or a plethora of Mediterranean specials, including freshly prepared prawns, the Taberna is the right place for you.

Prepare for a swing in crowd numbers during weekends — but with a convenient app at hand, Taberna la Yunta handles its guest reservations with sweet success.

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 “El Portil-Huelva (Spain)” by Jose A. via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

Chiringuito Tucan

For a most impressive hospitality experience by the seaside in south Spain, head straight to Chiringuito Tucan, a bar and restaurant slap-bang on coastal sands.

A midday meal here promises memorable scenes in the sun. Join the bar at the bay side late in the evening to enjoy beers in the sea breeze; watch movie sunsets with friendly company. They also do large bookings — a buffet on the beach, for example, with seafood kebabs and delicious freshwater catches served with lemon.

Taberna la Botánica

The self-described “gastronomic tavern” never fails to impress. Since 2011, Taberna la Botánica has presented its wares with pride, serving up specialty seafood sourced splendidly from their front door. The restaurant has stated that they like to show off their maritime location but also share a passion for inland Spanish wonders further afield, offering more traditional meats and produce too. 

Though it’s thirteen miles from Huelva city centre, Taberna la Botánica’s memorable location and menu bulging with local specialties (fried swordfish cubes, salted tuna on goat’s cheese) make it a must visit — a definite restaurant to add to your southern Spanish itinerary this year.

Beach Club Islantilla

Perfect for resort holiday-goers, the Beach Club restaurant is a landmark on the southern Spanish coast. 

Cross a small gurgling pond to the beach hut that houses this restaurant and find a fitting club environment to dine in. The Beach Club brings the tastes of Japan to the shores of the southern Spanish coast with both assorted sushi rolls and teriyaki chicken making appearances on their menu.

Fans of golf will feel especially welcome at the Beach Hut, for a dedicated course is nearby. Visitors looking for an experience closer to the putting greens can travel less than fifty metres away to the Italian Lounge clubhouse.

Italian Lounge

An integral part of a southern Spanish golf resort near Huelva, the Italian Lounge is the local hotel eatery. Admire the views of the golf resort’s wide stretches of green through plate-glass windows of the indoor dining room — or even better, step outside onto the cool white terrace to watch golfers in action. 

The atmosphere alone makes this one of the best restaurants to visit near Huelva. Food wise, the lounge caters to more crowd-friendly tastes, such as succulent beef burgers and shared meals for everyone to enjoy, like crispy chicken wings. An ideal spot to wind down in, with smart and sleek surroundings to enjoy during the evening cool.

El Chiringuito de Antonio

Last stop on our list is less than five miles from the Portuguese border. Located at the tail end of the Rio Carreras river, El Chiringuito de Antonio is a portside venue across the waters from Punta de la Gaviota.

Arriving by foot is like finding an oasis in a hilly desert — a more than welcome sight after a long day’s journey from Huelva along the coastline. At El Chiringuito de Antonio, staff themselves describe their exterior as a “cruise ship” with plentiful views of the water — and plenty of food and drink to go with it.

Ready to continue your trip through southern Spain’s hospitality scene? Why not travel further to Portugal? Our companion piece tells you all you need to know about the best places to eat beyond a Southern Spain itinerary.

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