Creps Clot using Carbonara App

Creps Clot’s a Class Act with Carbonara App

There is a magic to Catalonia’s capital that attracts thousands upon thousands every year. For some, it’s Barcelona’s unique architecture, resplendent with some of the world’s most-loved UNESCO world heritage sites. For others, it’s the city’s innovative, infinitely creative foodie culture, offering both modern takes on traditional Catalan dishes and fantastic experiments in international street food recipes.

Hardly half an hour away from Barcelona’s most-prized structure, the Sagrada Família, visitors can find great food and tasty tapas in the Correr de Regent. Here in leafy, yellow-walled streets, a small restaurant and gin bar that serves savoury specialties with recipes sourced from northwest France, rubs shoulders with a variety of businesses, from watch shops to tobacconists.

Creps Clot have recently welcomed Carbonara App into their business processes — and they’re loving it! Here’s what they had to say about their experience with the app. 

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Located in El Camp de L’Arpa Del Clot

Linking Barcelona’s medieval quarter to the former villages of Gràcia and Sants, Eixample is home to many local favourites. Known for its vibrant nightlife, cool clubs, and chic cafes, it attracts more visitors than most areas of the city. This tourist-heavy section neighbours El Camp de L’Arpa del Clot, that is, the home of Creps Clot.

A fine blend of both gastronomic excellence and the area’s Modernista buildings is a chief reason visitors come here — and Creps Clot has proved itself worthy of popular attention.

“We are an authentic Breton creperie,” the owner told us. The team here craft specialist cuisine with dough called Galet. “We have our own creations, like the Burgos black pudding or La Mexicana, which you won’t find anywhere else but here.” 

Following in the footsteps of Barcelona’s experimental chefs, Creps Clot is always doing something new — but crucially, the team told us, “never leaving behind our roots”.

Crepes are, of course, this eatery’s most popular produce, bringing in a steady, dedicated customer base. Always cooking with fresh products — and putting in extra time at the weekend to prepare tapas — has certainly paid off for them: on average, the team estimated that they serve over a hundred customers per week.

So how did Creps Clot handle such continual demand?

The Pen-and-Paper Dilemma

“Before using Carbonara [App], we used to take notes in a notebook,” Creps Clot told us, “which is much messier and complex”. This is a common concern throughout the hospitality world: since 2017, businesses have ditched paper to pump 1 billion US dollars in digitising their processes

Overall this is a positive change for everyone, as Creps Clot can attest. “Carbonara [App] is much more neat and tidy for us, but especially for the customer; it’s absolutely amazing!” 

Running a reservation-based business, Creps Clot were pleased to welcome this change in the way they do things. “You don’t have to call the customer, you just phone and all [we] have to do is write down your information and you get the message right away, it’s GREAT.”

Courtesy of Creps Clot, Barcelona

Service With Ease

With such great advantages at their disposal, how did Carbonara App benefit Creps Clot’s service mechanisms? The app helps, they said, because “now it is more visual, now [customers] can get reservations through Google web”.

Carbonara App is easy to link to any restaurant’s Google My Business account, allowing future customers to book tables via Google Maps. This optimises booking processes for staff. “Now the customer can easily let us know if they are a quarter of an hour late. For us it is much easier visually but more than [that], we are delivering very good customer service.”

With the added assistance of the app, Creps Clot have managed to bolster the quality of their customer relationships — for free! “On top of that,” the staff said, “in terms of customer image, the fact that [customers] receive a reminder message 90 minutes prior to the reservation time is a highlight”.

Now customers can look forward to the meal ahead, gaining tables with the assurance of a verification SMS text message, which:

  • Assures customers on the time of their reservation with accurate information, providing an instant channel for restaurants to communicate with guests
  • Enhance guest flexibility — if anyone changes their plans, customers can instantly  inform restaurants without any hassle
  • Lessen the occurrence of restaurant no shows, with SMS reminders preventing forgetfulness on the customer’s part

Assuredly, Creps Clot are enjoying the benefits of Carbonara App’s free SMS messaging service. Plus, instant messages assure customers that Creps Clot is taking careful care over their reservations. “We are giving a very positive image for the customer,” they said. “It’s very clear to [us] that [our] image has improved a lot.”

Invaluable SMS Messages

Yes, really — and Creps Clot felt it important to emphasise this. They demonstrated their point with a useful comparison.

“Imagine if you [had] to call all the time to remind your customers of their reservations,” they said. “You would end up paying a fortune for a phone call or having someone to do it for you.”

Celebrating Carbonara App

So, all in all, would Creps Clot recommend Carbonara App to newcomer restaurants?

Yes! “It is an app that [we] recommend to all small and medium-sized restaurants that are working with reservations.” Creps Clot’s owner went further with their recommendation. “The truth is that I am happy,” the owner told us. “If you work with an effective tool [like Carbonara App] and you are happy and it improves your restaurant, that’s all I can say.”

A huge thanks to the Creps Clot team!