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Make Low-Cost Restaurant Reservations with Web Accessibility

Flexibility is what Carbonara is all about. Digesting feedback from our users across the world has helped us develop a new addition to our app’s features, and the Carbonara Restaurant Manager is now available on all web browsers — Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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What to Know About an Online Reservation System

An online reservations system allows customers to arrange for seats for their use in a restaurant via the web. It’s a digital means to do what your restaurant has always done: to log reservations and seat guests when they arrive.

An online reservation system alerts the owner to new reservations, cancellations, and no-shows. Basically, it makes your job easier. 

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You may not know that today’s online reservation systems come with extra features. Logging customers via an online reservation system comes with in-house table management features, such as the ability to establish time-based table limits. Thus the restaurant operator is able to increase their restaurant’s efficiency and boost table turnover rates.

Carbonara App is here to help restaurants prosper. In an age of unprecedented precaution in the industry, a free app is what restaurants need.

Introducing Carbonara Restaurant Manager

Carbonara is now introducing its users to web access for the Carbonara restaurant manager available on any device, any web browser.

Unlike many other programmes this doesn’t require a localised download to work. 

Easily access a browser — such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox — and use Carbonara’s responsive restaurant manager platform. Fitting on any desktop screen, bookmark the Carbonara restaurant manager for speedy access. 

To make low-cost restaurant reservations online, it’s far easier to use the Carbonara app — download the app on the App Store or the Google Play Store

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Make Low-Cost Restaurant Reservations Online

The advantage of a web-access for Carbonara manager is this: the platform is easier to use for restaurants that extensively make use of their desktop setup, offering both table management and reservation features — all from your web browser screen.

There are three main advantages: 

  • Increased Flexibility. Restaurant operators can now access Carbonara’s restaurant manager via both their phone and web browser, using whichever they prefer. You can use the Carbonara App from any location you like — either via your home laptop, the host stand’s desktop, or your smartphone anywhere on the restaurant floor.
  • Better Accessibility. We’re improving accessibility to Carbonara App’s services. Now on web browsers, we’ve designed it for many people to use. Everything is clear and simple to understand, meaning you can:
    • navigate the extent of the website using just a keyboard
    • zoom in up to 300 per cent using your web browser’s features
    • see the website’s restaurant management features in high contrast colours
  • Enhanced Savings. Committed to a low-cost solution, our new web browser feature comes with minimal integration costs. Simply find it online.

Common Scenarios — Online Reservations System Restaurant

Giving hungry customers a simple way to book online is great, but the next step involves finding out what works best for you.

We’ve developed web access for the Carbonara restaurant manager app with all restaurant operators in mind. 

Our app development team has understood that different restaurants do different things. That’s why our new web browser feature is here to help you further facilitate easy bookings, working hand-in-hand with the practices and processes you already have in place.

Check out common scenarios below and discover how Carbonara’s restaurant manager helps your specific interests.

Open for Business

Your restaurant may already receive the majority of its bookings via various multimedia connections — i.e., email, web forms, social media messages, WhatsApp messages, landline, etc.

Thankfully we’ve got you covered. Carbonara has now made it easier for you to input and log customer data into an online reservation system.

When at a host stand on your restaurant’s desktop you can open multiple browser tabs to keep track of all incoming bookings via multiple channels, maintaining your restaurant’s efficiency.

Old School

Simply preferring to use your computer is no problem. Your restaurant already has the complete hardware package — so why make it redundant?

In technical parlance, specialists refer to obsolete systems and the need to make a transition to the latest tech. But redevelopment may not be the most cost-effective solution for you. Your restaurant may already have a sophisticated local area network installed, something you have invested in.

Carbonara’s web features now allow you to make a healthy transition to more efficient technology. Online access means that you don’t have to over-rely on one piece of technology — you can use both.

Frequent Caller 

If calls for restaurant bookings come via your smartphone, it’s difficult for you to divert and easily use the Carbonara App to log customer details.

Good news: our new feature favours user functionality. Let’s not forget how useful a keyboard becomes in this scenario. The Carbonara restaurant manager permits operators to log information while they listen — one hand on the phone, the other on the keyboard. 

Carbonara app - online reservations system free

Figure 3. Visit our online restaurant manager and discover how our app meets your needs today!

Queries and Contact Us

We hope you enjoy our new web feature. The world of online reservation systems is an ever-changing landscape, and the behaviours of restaurant customers change as time goes on. We’re here to make sure our services match everyone’s needs. 

Carbonara provides online reservations systems, now accessible from all major web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox) and via the Carbonara App. 

Contact us to discover how we’re helping restaurants save time, efficiency, and money.

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