Revolutionise the Restaurant Waitlist with a Cloud-Based Hospitality App

Restaurant owners should never have to fuss with the complexities of the waitlist

Yet there’s good news: the tech industry has served up a fresh solution. In this blogpost, we explore how a cloud-based hospitality app will transform your establishment’s waitlist into a strategic element of your service. Read more to find out.

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The Host Stand Hassle: Problems Without Cloud-Based Hospitality App

The host stand is the heart of your restaurant’s operations. Often, it’s where the weight of wait times, the art of table juggling, and the complexity of guest expectations all converge. The demands can be as overwhelming as they are constant. 

Yet what if there was a tool as capable as your best staff member — to reduce wait fatigue, free your host’s hands for more meaningful tasks, and ultimately enhance the customer experience?

That’s precisely where cloud-based hospitality management steps onto the stage.

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Carbonara App Waitlist -- Cloud-based hospitality management app -- Carbonara App

Manage the cloud-based waitlist! Seat and notify customers in seconds.

What Does it Mean to Host the Waitlist in the Cloud?

The cloud enables restaurant staff to digitally manage the waitlist from anywhere. This means restaurant staff can be at the host stand or on the restaurant floor — it doesn’t matter because they can use the restaurant’s waitlist on their smartphone or device.

The spectacular thing is that this now means your restaurant’s paper waitlist is saved in the cloud. A restaurant waitlist app helps do all the work. No more mistakes: via their device, everyone is on the same digital page. Users of the app see:

  • Where a customer is in line
  • Who is notified
  • Which table customers are going to

Our cloud hospitality software enables any member of staff to see the waitlist, digitally, including:

  • The Manager: one glance at their phone tells them which customers must be seated
  • The Captain: walking the floor, captains can view tables and notify customers when tables become free
  • The Greeter: standing upfront, they can view the customers the team has notified

Close up: Assign customers to tables in two taps — seat and save

Using the Cloud-Based Hospitality App to Streamline Seating Customers

With Carbonara App hosted in the cloud, your staff can work as a team to notify and seat customers. Use customisable restaurant seating features. Break the tasks apart into different roles:. 

  1. Host / Greeter — this person focuses on greeting customers, adding customers to the waitlist, and issuing wait time estimates
  2. Captain — the Captain focuses on identifying which tables will be available next, assigning these tables to waiting customers AND notifying customers to return to be seated. Receive real time updates on where people are going on the waitlist!

The cloud enables great team collaboration. None of your team members has to run back and forth to the host stand. Instead, a Captain can walk around the building and identify open tables, digitally keeping every team member up-to-date on who is to be seated next and where. 

In short this speeds up the seating of customers. Thanks to Carbonara App’s multi-device sync, it reduces the time it takes to find the next customer and notify them to return. For more, learn why multi device sync is so important.

That’s why the greeter at the front of the restaurant can remain there, always keeping a presence to welcome customers and manage the intake of customers into the waitlist. They will remain updated thanks to the captain in the restaurant, who is continually making updates. 

Experience the freeing power of a cloud-based waitlist. For more advanced guest management features, notify customers on their wait, all from your smartphone. Learn about how sms confirmations work.

Carbonara App waitlist -- Cloud-based waitlist -- Carbonara App

Tap a guest name to reveal party information.

Pair Cloud Management with Standby Seating

Keeping tables full with a wait app is easy. Now that your restaurant is operating faster with the waitlist in the cloud, pair this tactic with another one to speed up the customer process — Standby Seating. 

In short, the goal is to recall customers to be seated before a table is ready. Recall customers back to the host stand with the digital waitlist’s features. This means that when the table is ready, your staff are not still looking for customers to seat.

Pro tip: if the customer returns and the table is not yet ready, simply tell them that it will be just a minute for the table because it is being cleaned and reset. Customers will appreciate your attention to detail.

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A Cloud-Based Hospitality App to Promote Restaurant Efficiency

In today’s world, restaurant owners have too much on their plate, and access to technology that helps mitigate the workload is essential. Therefore, it’s clear that in the modern culinary landscape, cloud-based hospitality apps are more than a trend: they’re a fundamental element of an efficient and forward-looking business. 

Remember, the soul of the restaurant is in its people and its food. The tools at your disposal exist to enhance and empower, to weave a seamless process that starts with a phone and ends with a delighted patron — then ultimately, a resilient reputation for your restaurant.

The journey starts with a single click. Maximise your restaurant’s efficiency today — download our hospitality app now via Google Play or Apple App Store!


The Nation’s Restaurant News reports that almost 74 per cent of restaurant owners are worried about the cost of a tech-based solution.

Some popular restaurants are downsizing due to changing customer habits — but our cloud-based hospitality service is adapting to that. Contact us and find out how.

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