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21 Best Places to Eat in Palma de Mallorca

Noted worldwide for its tourist trade, sunny Mallorca boasts a keen restaurant culture too. 

Set within the shoulders of pines and palms, a weekend in the island’s capital, its beautiful surroundings, not only pleases the eye — but pleases the stomach too. 

Well worth everyone’s visit, Palma de Mallorca is a visitor’s best chance to experience the island’s best gastronomic treasures. Here are our 21 best places to eat in Palma de Mallorca.

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1. Nuevo Can Jordi

Remarkable seafood is ready to relish at Nuevo Can Jordi, a coastal venue. The beachfront is a street away, where visitors can stroll for an afternoon and afterwards dive into an eye-catching menu of shared seafood platters.

2. La Vieja

Closer to the city centre, among the most prestigious restaurants in Palma is La Vieja. This is a choice pick among critics, who have commended the restaurant’s influences, stemming from the chef’s homelands in the Canary Islands. With a distinctly urban setting using local artistry to brighten and bring the building to life, La Vieja is certainly a Mallorcan gemstone. 

3. De Tokio a Lima

Stylish and suave, De Tokio a Lima is a five-star culinary experience set in slim-alleyed Illes Balears. With an old-style veranda and dazzling white-decor outdoor terrace, this is a perfect venue to enjoy Mediterranean favourites.

“Narrow Alley in Palma de Mallorca” by Tommie Hansen via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

4. The Duke

On the other side of town, ten minutes away, an informal eatery serves up internationally loved meals. From organic beefburgers to artful cocktails, wind down in The Duke’s warm, wood rooms for a splendid night out.

5. Gigi’s Piccolo Ristorante

If you like exotic tastes, among nice restaurants in Palma is a small Italian spot on the Carrer de Cazador. An elegant black awning with the restaurant’s name in italic script announces your arrival. Carbonara, ravioli, tagliatelle — you name it, Gigi’s Piccolo Ristorante has it. Everything Italian is available at Gigi’s, charmingly co-run by a husband and wife team.

6. Fabrick Food & More

On a street with a magnificent white-stoned church, Fabrick Food & More is a top-notch dining experience in the city’s west wing. The exterior is easy to spot: red and grey colours jut out from an otherwise yellow-walled street. Expertly dished seafood and carefully prepared sauces has secured this restaurant’s place in many top reviews. Some have even commended the chef as a certifiable genius.

7. Mar de Nudos

Its full name, Mar de Nudos Mediterranean and Japanese Cuisine, is as ornate as it sounds. True to its name, Mar de Nudos offers a fusion of worldwide dishes, set in a luxurious location — a marina! White yachts a plenty, this is sure to bring a smile to any luxury-goer’s visit.

8. La Casa Gallega

La Casa Gallega is old school. Wall-length blackboards advertise all the top dishes of the day: mussels in mighty lip-smacking sauce, tortillas teased in cracking chef combinations. Stretch out and chat with locals in this much-cherished eatery, one of the best restaurants in Palma.

“Mallorca” by Kyle Taylor via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

9. Dins Santi Taura

Glorious moments are common in chef Dins Santi Taura’s special venue. If bold enough to take a counter seat, visitors will see the experts themselves preparing their food with precision, turning restaurant-going into a first-class show. It’s easy to find too: just a walk away from Palma cathedral.

10. Restaurant Sumaq

For a taste of good food from the other side of the world, Restaurant Sumaq is your next stop. Described by some as the best Peruvian meals outside of Peru, the sights, sounds and smells are all here on this restaurant’s menu.

11. Enoteca 1918

The interior alone is fun enough to encourage a first visit. Carefully placed wine bottles seem to float on air on a wall in Enoteca 1918. Actually, it’s all a trick of the eye: special brackets keep them steady. Pick anything on the menu for a good time — but try especially the specialist ice cream for afters. It’s experimental but worth it.

12. Gustar Restaurante

A green-and-yellow facade invites customers into the typically exciting central Palma restaurant. Specialties like the cheese tray and quinoa salads are perfect for long afternoons at this spot.

13. Vida Meva

Excellent breakfasts, a cosy interior, and non-stop five-star reviews online — what more could you ask for to freshen a fair day in Palma? Don’t forget that Vida Meva is also relatively cheap.

14. Fera Palma Restaurant

Open for five years, a trip to Fera Palma is an adventure in food. Borrowing inspiration from Japanese cuisine, chef Simon Petutschnig creates connections between the island of Mallorca and the rest of the world. The Lobster Tataki, for instance, brings in local sources, an island cuisine fraught with seafood, with international styles (tataki means serving seafood either raw or lightly fried).

Courtesy of Gigi’s Piccolo Ristorante (@gigispiccoloristorante)

15. Aromata

Light dishes served in a historic building with stone walls, stone floors, paves the way to splendid romantic nights in Aromata. A blueprint for sheer gastronomic joy.

16. Fera

An opportunity for intimacy and delight in a quaint (yet satisfying) atmosphere, Fera has a fusion-based style: Asian styles with Mediterranean flavours. Expect impressive service with surprising dishes.

17. Stagier Bar

Stagier isn’t stagy, that is, excessive. With just seven tables to its name, this is an exquisitely personal atmosphere to acquaint your tastebuds with Michelin-grade food. Try the Japanese Waygu.

18. Andana

This family-owned eatery is an ode to the locale itself. Named after a discontinued train station that the building once housed, Andana is as much a heritage centre as a restaurant. For a truly Iberian twist, check out the suckling pig.

19. Nola

On street level, it’s an easy one to miss; but once inside, Nola is hard to forget. A sun-tanned courtyard provides ample background to afternoon delights. Apparently it offers the best sharers in all Palma — fried pickles, gold croquettes, coconut shrimp.

20. The Reef

The Reef nests in a well-kept plaza, and is a nice drop-in point for late afternoon refreshments. As a bar, visitors often remark on the spectacular colourful cocktails. As a tapas eatery, the food is really fun too. Visitors can enjoy its thematic interior, with wall art that gives the impression that you have dived into a blue aquarium.

21. Maura

Maura has the character of a late nineteenth-century Viennese café. Though on a relatively busy street, Maura’s sprightly terrace has a modern feel; inside, white tiled flooring and smart columns gives Maura a fantastic grandeur.

Stop by for a quick bite to eat — or visit later in the evening for a smart smoothie.

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