Sardinian restaurant using Carbonara App

This Sardinian Restaurant’s Recipe for Reservation Success

Sardinian cuisine tells the story of a land deeply wedded with the sea. For over two thousand years of the island’s history, traditional fishing has had a rich relationship with its populace, feeding the island’s many stomachs. To this day seafood remains a touchstone of its restaurant scene. Home to specialist dishes like Bottargia, a famous salted fish roe, Sardinian seafood ranks high among the world’s best.

Shipped neatly by the seaside is a bay with a restaurant called Sintonia Marina. Naturally, it celebrates the best seafood Sintonia has to offer, crested neatly on the northern tip of the island in Santa Teresa di Gallara. 

For visitors arriving via the marina, the restaurant strikes an incredible sight. In the evening, a rectangle building resides on turquoise waters, its outdoor area dotted with salt-and-pepper tables and chairs, a purple sky shooting up behind the building like a lavender plant.

Sintonia Marina recently began using Carbonara App to help handle their guest service. We spoke to them about how it has provided multiple benefits for their team.

By the Sea, Italian Style

Sintonia Marina’s style is a relatively recent feature of the northern Sardinian coast. Before 2015, the restaurant trialled a year as an Italian pizzeria, focusing solely on that all-star Italian favourite — and found success. Sintonia Marina relaunched as a more upscale venue and have been in business the past seven years.

Seafood is, of course, the choice specialty here, but the restaurant also runs and hosts events which require careful and appropriate preparation — namely wedding and banquets. 

As such this is a special venue that visitors hold dear. They need a system to ensure events run smoothly. 

Careful Restaurant Management

Previously, Davide the co-owner of Sintonia Marina told us, the team employed a specialist maitre d’ who used a computer programme to organise guests and events at the restaurant. Since leaving, however, the maitre d’ and their specialist knowledge left the team in a tricky situation — that is taking on the responsibility of managing reservations themselves, they needed something simple to help them out.

Seeking Simplicity 

Davide started off and downloaded other apps and reservation systems, trialling them primarily for ease of use. “But they weren’t intuitive,” Davide said. “From the beginning, they weren’t the right choice.”

On this note it was essential that Davide found a system that was super user friendly. With the previous system, the maitre d’ barely shared information or feedback on how things actually worked. In other words, Davide was starting from very little, the first rung on the tech ladder.

Like so, investigating options online, Carbonara App was a key find.

Most Prized Features

For the uninitiated, Carbonara App is very easy to use. Restaurateurs never have to worry about their personal tech abilities.

“I immediately understood how to use Carbonara [App],” Davide said. We saw that he was immediately very happy and enthusiastic — since the app is intuitive, any smartphone user can learn how to use in no time at all, including its specialist features.

Plain Sailing With Carbonara App

After learning how to use the app in less than five minutes, Davide told us what he found most helpful. Definitely, Davide said, the app’s reservation features. “How easily you can make reservations [in] the system” is super helpful. 

Then the second most useful feature is reservation visibility. “As a customer calls, I can easily and quickly add a reservation to Carbonara [App], and then I have immediately the reservation list under my eyes. It has everything I need to organise the dinner reservations. It’s a complete app, it has everything you need to keep organized.”
Carbonara App users can also set up online reservations to further ease the guest management process. These help guests book with you, streamlining the process online. They can even help with big events — weddings, banquets, large parties.

Sintonia Marina Commends Carbonara App

For a busy restaurant and events venue on a marina, Davide claims Carbonara App has helped simplify his guest management tasks. Moving on from the resignation of a key staff member, the maitre d’ the restaurant now continues its effective management with the app. 

So, would he recommend it? Yes! “I’d say: try it! It’s the best way to keep organized and efficiently manage reservations. You can add and modify the reservations with a simple click.”