Carbonara’s new integrated ordering

Ordering features connected to the Waiting and Booking experience

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Drink ordering - Waitlist

Turn the queue into value

  • Customers receive their automated text message
  • A link to your drink menu is included in the message
  • Customers click, order, and pay
  • Orders arrive in the Carbonara app* and funds go directly to your account


*Printer integration is also available

Drink Pre-ordering - Reservations

Delight Customers when they arrive

  • Offer guests to pre-order a drink and you can have it ready when they arrive
  • Offer specials, sell-through inventory, and develop your bar program

Lunch ordering - Reservations

Order from the office
Have more time to dine
Increase Bookings with Ordering
  • Busy customers can pre-order lunch during their work morning, assuring faster dining time
  • The kitchen can start preparing meals just before the customer arrives
  • Orders are automatically tied to bookings and prepaid, eliminating risk of no-show