Oh Crispa: the flavors of China in the streets of Turin and the virtual queue

Who has never wanted to take a trip to China and taste the delicious dishes of its millenary cuisine? What if we told you that you can take a tour of Turin to satisfy your palate’s culinary desire, would you believe us? In fact, when you enter Oh Crispa you breathe the oriental air of delicious Chinese food. It almost feels like strolling through the streets of a Chinese street. 

The restaurant manager, Chiara, told us that before the current situation, they used to serve about 150 people a day. A very popular place, operating for 4 years, located in the heart of the San Salvario district in Turin.

At the beginning of their business, they made customers wait outside the restaurant. Then, as time went by, they started to use an alternative system. They used to ask for customers’ names and phone numbers, and write everything down on a piece of paper. Actually, even before Carbonara App, they had thought of a notification system for their customers, as they would call them manually when the table was ready.


The virtual queue

This system requires a lot of time and attention from the staff. Time was needed to be able to call customers and alert them to return to the restaurant. “We were spending a lot of time on the phone,” they say, to the point that this system, which claimed to be more efficient than others, was also starting to take precious time from serving customers. The telephone was their greatest enemy. 

But how to contact customers quickly without spending a lot of time? And that’s when they started testing Carbonara App. This system seemed to be made to meet many of their needs. In Carbonara App they found a simple and automatic system, which allows the staff to reduce service time significantly.


Notify customers with a simple click.

Carbonara App is perfect for them, as it uses an SMS notification system. In fact, the ability to automatically send a text message to the customer when the table is ready reduces the workload a lot. In addition, customers no longer have to make a phone call to add a place at the table or to warn of a possible delay. With the app, guests can reply to the SMS to be able to talk to the restaurant, and vice versa. Among the advantages of a digital system like Carbonara App, Oh Crispa’s staff greatly appreciated the simple and intuitive interface, which through the use of simple icons allows staff to add useful information about customers. For example, among other options, you can add a customer’s preference for sitting outside or inside by simply tapping a button. All this allows you to have all customer data at your fingertips, without using pen and paper, and most importantly, ensuring a better experience.

2020 was a peculiar year, as we know, but nevertheless “Carbonara App has definitely improved the experience and productivity of our staff” says Chiara. Oh Crispa’s customers reacted well to the app and were positively surprised to see such a technological waiting system. Customers feel more autonomous, they can decide to stay in front of the restaurant and wait there, but they can also take a walk or go for a glass of wine while waiting. 

Improve the internal organization of your restaurant

Carbonara App’s goal has always been to help restaurants improve their organization, being more efficient and offering an innovative experience to their customers. Moreover, especially in these days and age, having the possibility to use a totally free product is no small thing. Restaurateurs have been one of the categories most affected by this crisis, that’s why Carbonara App wants to offer an innovative and free product that brings benefits to restaurants, and helps them to overcome these difficult days.

Download Carbonara App: create a digital waiting list for your restaurant. Simple, free and fast.