Italy in Oslo: Mamma Pizza and the Digital Waiting List Experience

We know that Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world. It is made of traditional, simple but perfectly balanced flavours, and quality ingredients. But what makes Italian food unique is also the atmosphere that is created at the table, when you wait for the food and when you start eating. These are all characteristic elements of Mamma Pizza.

This Italian restaurant, which has been open for more than eight years, has become one of the reference points for Italians away from home and for all Italian cuisine lovers. Dario, the manager, told us that even during the pandemic they manage to seat about 40/50 people. It is a super popular and well-known place among Norwegians and foreigners.


The digital waitlist that eliminates the queue

Before they started using the Carbonara App’s digital waitlist, our friends at Mamma Pizza used to write down the name of the person they wanted to seat. They never had any major problems with this system, partly because Norwegians are well-known for their punctuality. However. outside the restaurant, there was often a queue. It also rarely happened that customers were added to the waiting list, saying they were going for a walk, and then decided not to come back, without informing the restaurant.

Mamma Pizza is a restaurant with limited seating capacity, like any other restaurant, and having a system that helps you keeping track of tables is an important element.

Keeping control of the room has never been easier!

From the moment they started using the app, they loved the easy control you can have over the room and the restaurant itself. You can control what happens in the room, from any device connected to the same account, wherever you are. “The possibility to have full control over the work” is one of the aspects that our friends at Mamma Pizza appreciated the most.

In Norway, it is common to download apps for different services, and customers really appreciated the change. Receiving an SMS notification when you are added to a waiting list is seen as a “confirmation” that the waiting list exists, and you have proof of it. Transparency and customer confidence are always essential for an activity. 

In addition, the fact that the interface is intuitive and not confusing has helped the Mamma Pizza team to offer a 25% faster service. Not bad, especially when not only the customers can feel the benefits, but also the restaurant team. 


A unique experience for restaurant customers

Optimizing work and making the customer experience unique have always been the key points of the Carbonara App. The speed of service, the calm atmosphere, the absence of flying papers and shouting to call people to be seated: all these factors undoubtedly contribute to improving the experience of the restaurant’s customers. This is not just an app, it is the evolution of the restaurant industry!