What is a Digital Restaurant Waitlist?

A digital restaurant waitlist recreates the pen and paper waitlist but on a smart device, like an iPad or Smartphone. Just like a regular waitlist, it helps keep track of the customers that are waiting to be seated in the restaurant.


Once the waitlist goes digital, it is viewable by more than one person at once. Any member of the restaurant staff can view the waitlist on a tablet or their phone, from anywhere. The waitlist ‘travels’ – in the pocket, per se, around the restaurant.

Each device always stays up to date with any changes to the waitlist.

The major difference – new connection to the customer.
The digital waitlist offers the option to record a customer’s phone number.

This gives the restaurant a new connection to the
customer, one that didn’t exist before and that creates
a higher level of hospitality. By taking the customer’s
phone number, the restaurant staff can now recall the
customer easily using SMS.

And further, the customer can respond to the message
thereby connecting back to the restaurant staff.

The extra benefits

Similar to reading a book on a tablet, the digital waitlist comes
with several added benefits over pen and paper.

1. OrganizationThe digital restaurant waitlist is standardised. It’s clean and organised instead of having messy handwriting. Unique icons define customer preferences and other useful information about the customer.

2.Management of Party Types

The digital system creates a clean and
simple breakdown of Walk-in, Call-Ahead,
and Reservations. There are also unique
messages for each party type.

3. Digital Timers

Digital Timers help identify waiting at a glance.

Easily view how long a customer has been waiting, and how long since a
message was sent to a customer.