The Apps Used By Restaurants In the UK

European restaurants use apps and tech tools to manage their restaurants. Restaurant management apps can be a great solution to save time, money, manage better staff and provide a better customer experience while seating more customers. There are numerous options to choose from. To make the search faster, here are the apps European restaurants are using to manage their restaurant, staff, inventory and guests.

Rotaready: the Hospitality staff rota software

Restaurant managers tend to lose a lot of time planning staff schedules, tasks and dealing with no-shows and shift swaps. The Rotaready app offers a staff rota and HR management software. Founded in London and trusted by several restaurants in the UK, Rotaready uses a hospitality-friendly format to adapt to restaurant managers’ duties and needs.

The Rotaready app makes managing staff schedules, payrolls and monitoring attendance and performance much easier and all in one place. It is ideal for restaurant managers who have to manage multiple restaurant locations and large staff teams. The app automatically creates rotas based on employees’ skills, roles, and availability.

For restaurant managers who wish to save considerable time and lower costs on HR, staff management, and scheduling tasks, the Rotaready app is a good option and provides features based on the restaurant’s needs.

FoodDocs: the digital food safety management system in the UK

While there are many software and platforms that help with keeping your food regulations up to date and within the operating standards, FoodDocs‘ system has a quick 15-minute setup and a strong maintenance that ensures your personalised engagements meet all regulations and make sure you’re keeping your food safe.
Significance of FSMS Digital solution from FoodDocs and quick highlights of digital FSMS; Digital monitoring forms with auto-fill feature, smart notification system, real-time dashboard, cloud storage.
This solution is great for any business in the food industry looking to keep their standards at the highest level of safety, which is especially emphasised after the pandemic which raised awareness of employee hygiene and risk management.

Foodora: restaurant food delivery in Northern Europe

There are many popular restaurant food delivery apps such as Glovo, JustEat, Deliveroo, and UberEats. For restaurants in northern countries, Foodora is also another option that is being used regularly in restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The delivery app is a branch of Delivery Hero and is currently one of the most popular options for restaurants in Northern Europe. From small restaurants to big restaurant chains, this app is multipurpose and inclusive of different restaurant operational models.

This is a great alternative to keep restaurants operating while staying closed. For restaurants in Northern Europe looking for an alternative to popular online food delivery apps, Foodora is a valuable option.

MarketMan: Restaurant Inventory Management App

Restaurants always have to be up to date with their inventory. Managing an inventory can be time-consuming. Restaurant managers must have all food items topped up and food costs noted to keep track of spendings.

MarketMan makes this task easier and faster. Restaurant managers manage food budgets, keep track of the inventory and receive alerts when items need to be topped up. MarketMan provides unique graphs and statistics that help restaurants keep track of their weekly spendings.

The plus side? The app can also be used on mobile phones. Restaurant managers can check their inventory and statistics reports from anywhere.

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Carbonara App: Digital Waitlist and Customer Tracking App

In these difficult times, restaurants that operate with a walk-in policy are obliged to monitor their guests and tables more than ever. Some countries require restaurants to accept bookings and reservations. Most restaurants have to take their guests’ contact details in case of a covid case in the establishment.

Restaurants that wish to keep their customers while respecting regulations and eliminating queues should download Carbonara App. Front-of-house staff can add customers to the digital waitlist (name and number) and notify guests by SMS when their table is ready. The app also saves the guests’ contact details with the Customer Tracking feature – if not needed, this feature can be switched off.

The Carbonara App also provides restaurant managers with a daily statistics report of the restaurant’s average wait times, lost revenue from customers that didn’t wait, revenue and loss, seated and lost guests, and much more. These are unique insights that can help restaurants manage seating customers during peak times / rush hour, plan staff accordingly, and better understand the demand for a table.

Carbonara is 100% free to download and use, and it will stay free forever.

Do you want to know your average wait times, seat more guests, and keep your customers safe?

Give the Carbonara App a try and seat more customers!