Top 5 Best Apps For Restaurants

Restaurants are using apps today more than ever before. There are many restaurant apps available out there for restaurant owners and managers to explore. Here are the 5 best apps restaurants you should try out to improve business productivity and customer experience.

1. Delivery Apps

Delivery apps have really taken over as restaurants have been forced to stay closed for dine-in service. Delivery can be a great source of extra revenue during good times and a good alternative to earn revenue while staying closed for dining in. Deliveroo is probably one of the most popular apps in Europe for food delivery at the moment while Ubereats, Wolt, and JustEat are also available and provide a good service.

2. Digital Menus with QR Codes

Recently restaurants have been switching to digital menus and making them accessible with a QR code. Restaurants only have to stick the QR code on the different tables available and guests can scan it with the camera on their phone. Beaconstac has an option for QR codes specifically for restaurant menus, but there are multiple options of QR code generator websites and apps. Leggimenu is also an option to get a digital menu for restaurants in Italy. In France, CarteMenu is another service for restaurants, although it is not entirely free like Leggimenu.

3. Staff scheduling apps

Shift and labor management has never been so easy. For example, 7shifts is a great app for restaurants with a big team. It allows you to add shifts from anywhere, communicate with all staff members and make it easy for waiters and waitresses to swap shifts. 7shifts also helps restaurant managers avoid penalties by sending alerts if a staff member has a lot of overtime or if they haven’t taken their break.

4. Soundtracks for restaurants

What’s your restaurant’s vibe? Every restaurant has its own atmosphere. To set the right mood Soundtrack is a great music app for restaurants that do not have time to create playlists. Soundtrack has ready-made playlists based on moods, genres and much more. The app offers a 30 day free trial. Soundsuit is also a great option to set the right mood in restaurants. It is very fast to set up and easy to use.

5. Digital Waitlist

A digital wait list will help non-reservation restaurants to manage queuing customers. Carbonara App is a free wait list app that provides this service. Using the Carbonara digital waitlist app, restaurants eliminate queues and crowds with its SMS notification system that lets restaurant staff notify guests by text message when their table is ready. It also offers daily stats reports showing revenue gained and lost, average waiting times and much more. For busy restaurants that want to keep all their customers and avoid losing because of long wait times, Carbonara App is the best option. Also, the company works on the principle that restaurants should not have to pay high costs for waitlists and booking systems, the app is low cost and an amazing solution for managing your restaurant.

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