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4 Things to Know About Our QR Code Tableside Ordering System

There is now a QR code table ordering feature for Carbonara App, which helps customers order from restaurants, bars, food venues, and small eateries. Here’s what to know.

What is our QR Code Tableside Ordering System?

Carbonara App has introduced a new feature to facilitate instant customer food orders. Also known as on-site digital ordering for restaurants (or QR code ordering for restaurants),, the software now allows customers to make digital food orders at the table. This is typically compatible with:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Desktops

Our system uses a fast and simple contactless table service, which is quickly becoming the norm for many popular restaurants in today’s hospitality world (discover how this Texas food truck is doing so right now).

So how does it all work? Easy. From the customer’s point of view, choosing and paying for food and beverages is simply a matter of smartphone taps. Think of it as an instant pick-and-choose service, similar to how online delivery platforms work. 

Our new on-site digital ordering system for restaurants includes:

  • Access to a venue’s entire menu, fully customisable and interchangeable to suit daily needs
  • Access to daily orders, made on the day of customer reservations, helping restaurants to better anticipate staff demand and menu availability throughout a shift
  • Access to payment options, offering customers a quick-and-easy solution to paying what they want, when they want 
QR code table ordering

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How Digital Pre-Ordering for Restaurants Works

Customers make online food orders in the following ways.
Reservations. Orders are tied to customer bookings. This means that customers with reservations make food orders online — including access to a QR-code table ordering system, with digital menus. This is especially helpful for lunchtime orders —

  • when guests convene with friends mid-afternoon to relax, take a table, and leisurely browse through the menu to pick, choose, and order their favourite food.
  • Waitlist. Customers make orders while waiting for their tables, so restaurants can begin to offer hospitality before customers sit down. Waiting for a table can make for thirsty work. That’s why restaurants with a mobile drinks ordering system typically upsell drinks —  be they alcoholic beverages, brunch coffees, or just a refreshing soda —  and increase their overall revenue: it persuades customers to buy additional beverages in three easy clicks. 
  • Takeaway. Excitingly, guests make food orders without having to take up seats — on the go!

Carbonara App’s online food ordering feature handles all the heavy lifting typically associated with digital ordering systems. However, Carbonara offers a lightweight solution for restaurants, one that simply requires a smartphone or tablet — nothing more! That’s why it has a couple of key advantages — especially for small businesses.

For example, the app’s ordering system requires no point-of-sales integration — meaning that both small food businesses and big restaurants can skip the queue on typical problems such as:

  • Setup costs
  • Aggregator costs
  • Integration costs

Carbonara App uses Stripe Connect, which allows restaurants to accept 135+ major currencies online via a swift, secure, and suave online payments platform. This at once allows restaurants to accept and expand their revenue stream, permitting easy online payments for in-store digital food ordering in restaurants. 

Want to know more about the pros and cons of POS systems? Find out more about why to use point-of-sale software and how it works, including all the positives and negatives for small food businesses. 

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Customers Prefer Online Food Ordering Systems

The introduction of online delivery apps and dedicated delivery companies has accelerated the switch to digital commerce. In today’s world, a reported 1.8 billion people have used online ordering for food delivery alone.

Customers already prefer the instantaneous effect of making orders from their smartphones. Alongside other everyday digital processes — using social media, sharing photos online, messaging friends and family — it’s the preferred way to dine out these days. 

Transforming menus from paper to digital is about real change from old to new. It gives customers an easy option to dine out. From their point of view, it’s much more efficient to pick and choose what to eat before being seated for their reservation or placed on the waitlist.

The Advantages for Small Businesses

Handing over a digital ordering system over to customers lessens the burden on your venue’s staff. Here’s how.

Staff save a lot more time on processing customer orders. An online food ordering system does all the heavy lifting for staff members. Customers no longer have to wait on staff to check in on them, draw out a notepad, and hastily scribble down orders. Displaying a fresh and clean digital menu, customers make faster, more stable orders via the restaurant’s QR code table ordering system.

Second, a pre-order system improves the level of service from staff. As customers with reservations find and take their seats, staff can promise a more instant service — the customer orders have already been made, which means that staff can concentrate on other things, such as the quality of guest interaction.

A pre-order system prevents any sense of confusion from getting in the way between staff and guests. For example, when it comes to making a payment, there is nothing to worry about: guests make payments via the online food ordering system. 

That’s why participating restaurants are making extra revenue before guests have even been seated — discover the top 5 pre-order benefits for your restaurant staff and guests today.

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What new methods can help your restaurant boost its indoor revenue?

Well, with digital table ordering for restaurants in place, customers can make easier, more streamlined purchases from your venue. 

Just look at the success of other online ordering industries: Amazon.com, one of the world’s most famous online retailers, has made 514 billion US dollars in 2022 alone — a staggering figure that owes itself mostly to online orders. 

The lesson is clear: people spend a lot more money when they’re behind a phone screen. On-site digital ordering for restaurants only makes things easier for customers, old and new.


Every day brings a different menu — or at least that’s the case for some restaurants, particularly in the Mediterranean. For example, in international cities like Madrid, a menu del día (literally, a menu of the day) is an all too common feature of the city’s visual landscape. 

That’s why Carbonara App’s online food ordering features come with a customisable menu overview, adaptable to a restaurant’s daily needs. This can include a full menu of the day — starters, mains, desserts — or specific food items and certain dishes that change from day to day. 


As Forbes recently put it: “The online marketplace never closes.” Therefore it’s important to get the fine details right. Instantly ready to pick up and use, Carbonara App’s online food ordering system for restaurants is designed to be responsive, and seamless, and give both customers and restaurant staff an easy-to-use app experience.

Users will know how to use it in seconds — which buttons to use, for instance, or how to make payment efficiently.

The app is adaptable to different phone sizes and requirements, ensuring that users can pick up and go. 

Find out about Carbonara App’s more advanced features. Learn why multi-device sync is important, ensuring that key information is shared across all devices, and always staying on top of guest services. 

Still wondering what QR code restaurant ordering is? Contact us today to learn more about how your restaurant can improve its ordering methods!