Carbonara is

Truly Free

No subscription. No per-diner fees.
No hidden costs. 100% FREE.
Because for all the hard work you do, we can do more for you.

We’re bringing new and innovative services to restaurants. Stay tuned.

Why Free?

  • Booking software started in the 1990s. Since then, things like Cloud Computing and the app stores make building and distributing software cheap and easy.
  • Carbonara stays low-cost with our online, self-service model.
  • Carbonara earns revenue on our integrated ordering features (see below).

Are there Messaging Costs?

  • Sending an SMS is incredibly cheap nowadays (it can be less than $0.01)

  • Costs in general have come down for messaging (but savings haven’t been passed on to restaurants)

    All Messages are FREE!

Carbonara’s Integrated Digital Menus

Innovative new ordering features connected to the Booking experience

Waitlist Ordering
Reservation Pre-Ordering
Lunch Ordering

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