The First Entirely Free Reservation System

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Carbonara App was born as a free digital waitlist system for non-reservation restaurants. As times change rapidly, the company is also evolving to meet restaurant needs. 

The first 100% free booking system

Restaurants who are thinking of using a popular booking system are faced with additional costs. We believe that restaurants shouldn’t have to pay anything for booking and waitlist services.

The Carbonara Digital Waitlist and Booking App is 100% free to use and includes free text messages (SMS) and daily statistics reports showing unique insights on the restaurant’s activity. Yes, that’s also free.

Today, the digital waitlist also includes booking features, and those are also entirely free. The Carbonara App has two main reservation tools:

  • Reservation Book: to keep track of and manage all reservations and bookings
  • Table Management: to keep track of tables in real time during all working hours.

If restaurants are looking for an easy, free and fast way to implement a booking system for their reservations, the Carbonara App provides the right feature and format.

Designed for phones – Mobile App View

Many booking systems do not provide restaurants with a mobile app to use the booking service on their phones. This is limiting for restaurants especially now that we can do everything from our phones. Restaurant operators should have the freedom to manage guests and tables on their phone too.

The Carbonara App is designed for tablets AND phones with the primary goal of providing an easy to use interface. Restaurant staff can work simultaneously on multiple devices, whether they be tablets or any phone (iPhone and Android). Restaurant operators do not need to purchase an iPad or any big hardware for table management anymore. All that operators need to manage the waitlist and reservations is a phone (or multiple phones that each staff member has).

Flexible for both reservation and non-reservation restaurants

Restaurants that haven’t typically offered reservations are confronted with the changing landscape due to Covid-19 and new regulations that often make it mandatory to accept bookings. It can be difficult however to switch to reservations when a restaurant has been working on a first-come, first-served basis. Some restaurants might find it good for their business, others just see reservations as temporary.

In both cases, the Carbonara App provides a platform to manage both walk-ins and reservations. What does this mean? When restaurants are not obliged to take bookings anymore, non-reservation restaurants can stop using the booking features and only use the waitlist. For restaurants that already take reservations, it is also possible to just use the booking features. The Carbonara App is built as a flexible tool for restaurants to manage things themselves without having to call customer service for support.

Customer Tracking Feature built into daily operation

Restaurant operators must take a guest’s name and phone number, and often additional information, due to Covid regulations. This can be a slight burden for the service as it is an extra step in attending to guests.

The Carbonara App has a Customer Tracking feature that, when activated, logs customers’ data automatically without any extra steps. This information remains confidential and is safely stored in the system. Guests’ information is only shared if the restaurant requests it to show health authorities or to contact guests if a customer reports contracting Covid.

For restaurants, the Carbonara App provides a digital waitlist, a booking system, and an easy way to track customer information all in one place.

Manage guests and reservations easily, fast and from your phone.

Download Carbonara App today.