Dysh Cafe using Free Cafe Management Software

Sheffield Café Thrives with a Cafe Management Software

Sheffield has many attractions to offer visitors, from industrial landmarks to microbreweries, and most of all, independent eateries, encompassing cultural venues, gastropubs, and cornershop cafes. 

Dysh Coffee & Kitchen is the latest addition to Sheffield’s host of small independent businesses peppered throughout the city’s outskirts. Being a start-up in any major city is already a tough situation to handle, but thankfully since March 2021, Dysh has successfully run a steady trade.

We had a chat with the team at Dysh to find out how our free cafe management software helped them to prosper in one of the toughest quarters for hospitality venues in England.

Dysh Cafe using Free Cafe Management Software

Figure 1. All-weather terrace at Dysh Coffee & Kitchen, Sheffield via @dyshsheffield

A Cafe Management Software Helps Small Businesses Thrive

Located snugly on Eccksall Road in southwest Sheffield, Dysh is popular among both local residents and city dwellers alike.

During its first week, Dysh — specialising in sumptuous brunches, cakes, and hot drinks — sold out every day. The café’s entry into Sheffield’s hospitality scene was a success — so much so that owner Alice had to “panic hire” two new members of staff on the cusp of the moment. 

Success brought with it new demands. By late May Dysh’s team began accepting indoor bookings. To make sure everything ran smoothly, they needed an inexpensive solution to manage their heavy guest intake.

When she opened Dysh, owner Alice was already well-versed in the hospitality process, having previously owned another café in Sheffield. At the start of her career, she also received top-level training in an award-winning restaurant in the Lake District, northwest England. 

In other words, Alice knew the score: to ensure the continued success of Dysh, her team would have to save as much money as possible. A low-cost cafe management software option proved crucial to the team. Thankfully, Alice resolved the problem with the best method possible: choosing a low-cost app.

Sheffield Water Wall

Figure 2. Sheffield Water Wall by IK’s World Trip via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

How Cafe Management Software Helped Dysh

With a table capacity of about 30 people, Alice’s vision to integrate a safe table environment during COVID-19 restrictions needed some help. We talked to the team about why they decided to choose Carbonara App.

They couldn’t emphasise their main reason enough: pricing. A cafe management software allowed Dysh to digitally handle customer bookings without having to break the bank.

Many management software options charge extortionate amounts for restaurants to use their service. This just isn’t viable for small businesses.

Stuart from the Dysh team was very pleased with the app’s low-cost commitment. This is “helpful to new businesses” he said — “other companies are expensive for start-up companies”. Carbonara App, on the other hand, just seemed right.

Plus the app is very “straightforward” to use. 

The daily hustle and bustle of a busy café located in the heart of a major city meant that Dysh’s team had no time to lose. Employing Carbonara App was a great choice, the team agreed, because it required zero specialist training. Anyone with a smartphone was able to use the app to manage bookings, whether from the kitchen or out on the shop floor.

Dysh coffee with free cafe management software

Figure 3. Coffee by Vivian Evans via Flickr (creative commons 2.0)

Best Cafe Management Software Enhances Business

Carbonara App’s simple easy-to-use format provided everything the Dysh team needed to efficiently run the café. Stuart closed our conversation with a stellar commendation, saying Carbonara App is definitely “above [the] other competitors”.

Now Dysh has a booking system that works. Customers come and sample Dysh’s fine selection of homemade cakes, from meringues to Bakewell tarts, without having to endure soul-crushing waits or the hassle of a poor booking system.

The Dysh team one hundred percent “couldn’t live without it” — save time and let the best cafe management software help transform your guestlist efficiency today!

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