Reservation Ordering

Offer guests something before they arrive to delight and accomodate their needs

Sell More

  • Customers are extended the gesture of having a drink ready (or appetizer, kids food, etc.) when they arrive
  • Offer specials, move inventory, or otherwise create a special offer for your customers

No Extra Staff Needed

  • Carbonara creates your mobile menu and shares it automatically in the messaging
  • Customers view your drinks, or also food items if you wish

Customers Pay Directly

  • Customers can order and pay directly via Carbonara’s menu
  • Customers can share and split their orders automatically

Orders in Carbonara App

  • Orders arrive directly in the Carbonara App

  • Direct orders to a printer for your bartender*

*Ask us about our printer integration

Share and split orders

  • Customers can share and split their orders automatically

  • All orders arrive under the same party booking

Funds Direct in your Account

  • Connect your account

  • When customers pay, the funds are sent directly into your account

  • Reporting is included in the app and via email if desired

Interested In Ordering?