Get Started With A Restaurant Management App

How fast is it to install and use a restaurant management app these days? As it turns out, very fast.

Restaurants can have full access to reservation software in less than five minutes. We lay out the advantages for restaurant owners and their teams.

Why Restaurant Management Apps Are Important

Mobile smartphones have become an integral part in most of our daily lives. Smartphones have revolutionised the way we interact, from messaging to shopping to how we pass the time while waiting. Consumers are now using smartphones on an unprecedented scale. As one tech agency reported, the average person interacts with their phone around 150 times a day.

As such, there is plenty of room for restaurants to reap the benefits from today’s digital culture.

Unlike computers and most operating systems, a restaurant management app favours speed and efficiency over anything else, offering a whole world of functionality at the user’s fingertips. 

Harvard Business Review has recently surveyed indoor workplaces and found that most businesses could increase their productivity by 40 per cent in using a work app. Today’s bring-your-own device culture makes it much easier for restaurants to integrate a restaurant management app into work life. 

Restaurants and smart technology go hand in hand (via Pixabay)(creative commons 2.0)

Common Concerns Addressed

Some restaurants may feel apprehensive about employing a free restaurant management app. However, some of the industry’s common concerns are unfounded. 

My pen-and-paper system works fine.

Restaurants are currently wasting needless time on manual longhand data entry. Pen-and-paper systems are:

  • Messy — and therefore prone to mistakes
  • Hard to manage, especially during busy hours
  • Restricted to one place at one time, commonly known as static workflow 

An app on the other hand removes all the typical problems associated with manual entry and enhances the restaurateur’s control over indoor operations. An app speeds up the process for both the restaurant and waiting customers.

Features — who needs them?

On the contrary, features help enhance a restaurant’s overall customer efficiency. An app’s features do wonders. With a restaurant management app your restaurant can do new things such as:

  • Two-way messaging. Restaurants can contact customers on the spot via real-time messaging features, with both SMS and WhatsApp functionality. This comes at no service charge at all. 
  • Guest reminders. If a customer reserves a table with you, then your restaurant can skip the need to call up guests, reminding them of their reservations. Apps save restaurants time.

Table management. Restaurants oversee a digital heads-up display of their table plans, condensed within a calendar. This means restaurants can easily assign guests to tables to keep guest flow moving.

I don’t have a smartphone.

Not everyone has access to smartphone technology, and that’s O.K. Alternatively, restaurants can use Carbonara App’s free web browser, offering all features available on desktop.

What to Know About Device Functionality 

Carbonara App is fully functional with the latest Android and iPhone devices. It is available from both Google Play and Apple Store respectively at no charge. Simply:

  1. Find Carbonara App on Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Find out what verified users are saying about it underneath
  3. Tap Install, and ensure a stable connection on your mobile device (e.g., data charges may apply for accessing the internet remotely)
  4. Don’t forget to leave a review!

Download our free restaurant management app and then set up your user account. That’s all it takes to get started with Carbonara App! 

Read our tips below to make sure your phone runs at maximum speed.

App Storage Tips

To make the most out of our app, your phone needs to perform at its best. Here are some quick fixes to ensure users get the most from Carbonara App.

Clear Cache

The easiest way to reclaim speed is to clear your phone’s cache. When using a phone for different activities, all smartphones notoriously store up data. Clearing this is simple. Go to Settings > Storage > Cache and select the option to clear your phone of unnecessary data.

Remove Unused Apps

Since our smartphones come with loads of storage space, we usually tend to download everything that comes our way. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost — slower phone speeds. To alleviate this, go to: Settings > Apps & Notifications. Here you can find the apps that you use most often — including those less so. Click on the apps less relevant to you and delete as necessary. This will speed up processes on your system.

Clear Unnecessary Files

A smartphone is like a building: put too much in it and it will have no space left to manoeuvre in. This means that large files (photographs, videos) tend to stall our phone’s utilities. Endless files act like clutter and clog a smartphone’s capabilities elsewhere. Regarding photographs for instance, as the Manchester Evening News put it: “it’s important to note the more high-quality the camera, the more storage space the pictures take up.” 

So for work purposes, get stuck in and de-clutter your phone’s needless files 

Use Cloud-Based Services

Today’s cloud technologies offer the best means to settle internal storage problems. Services like Google offer a free Cloud platform to upload any files that may be too large to keep on your device.

The good news is that Carbonara App also makes good use of cloud technologies. Features such as table management and messaging all use the internet to function, making it much easier for restauranteurs to speedily manage their venues.

Do restaurant guests a favour with a free app (via Openverse, courtesy of Micheal Davis Burchat)(creative commons 2.0)

Time to Use Restaurant Management Software!

With features catering for both reservation restaurants and walk-in venues, Carbonara App is suited to the demands of today’s hospitality experience. 

Your restaurant is doing a favour for future customers. With a mobile-first solution to restaurant management, you are now using the device that most consumers already have in their pockets: a trusty smartphone. 

Getting started with our app is super easy. If you are already a frequent phone user, then good news: you’re already an expert in most of the features that Carbonara App has to offer. 

For more advanced features such as guest pre-ordering or customising the text messages, we’re here to help our users make the most out of their app experience.