10 Ways to Attract Restaurant Customers in 2021

Retaining customers is a constant challenge for restaurateurs, depending on how attractive a restaurant appears to a customer after their first visit. If there was a […]

Mobile Drinks Ordering to Promote Restaurant Drink Sales

What if you could walk into a restaurant and have your drinks ordered straight away? In an astounding show of speed, mobile drinks ordering is now […]

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Apps Should Be Free

Journalists anticipate growth in the restaurant sector with technology playing a “key role” in maximising footfall; if this is the case do restaurants then deserve free […]

Restaurant Host App: 5 Ways to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Thinking about how to improve restaurant efficiency? Every restaurant wants to grow and make meaningful changes in the name of self-improvement. For all restaurants efficiency isn’t […]

The Ultimate Guide to Queue Management System 2021

From the supermarket to the post office, we have all stood and waited in a queue — and restaurants are no exception. A line of people […]

Oh Crispa: the flavors of China in the streets of Turin and the virtual queue

Who has never wanted to take a trip to China and taste the delicious dishes of its millenary cuisine? What if we told you that you […]

Don Peppe: virtual queue at the mall organized with the Carbonara App

After a day of shopping in Verona, who would not want to have a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza or enjoy the excellent Italian cuisine? If you’ve been […]

18B: from pen and paper waitlist to the Carbonara App digital waiting list

“We didn’t think there was a service that could digitally manage the waiting list”; these are the words of Davide, manager of restaurant 18B in the […]

Keeping Tables Full With a Wait App

Any busy restaurant turning over tables quickly can keep their tables full throughout the day. Read on below to find out how a wait app can […]

Italy in Oslo: Mamma Pizza and the Digital Waiting List Experience

We know that Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world. It is made of traditional, simple but perfectly balanced flavours, and quality […]

Virtual Queue: If Customers Leave Will They Return?

Let’s be honest: People can’t stand queueing — especially when they don’t know how long the wait will be — and customer surveys have proved it. […]

5 Myths About Restaurant Queues

A thick mist of myths has enshrouded the restaurateurs’ idea of queue management, preventing them from ever seeking out the alternatives. Cut through the fog and […]
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