4 Restaurant Payment Methods You Need to Know in 2023

restaurant payment methods with Carbonara App

With more ways to pay than ever before, the hospitality industry has kept up to keep customers happy. Here’s what to know about the 4 main restaurant payment methods today. Remember: sign up to keep up-to-date on all the latest restaurant payment updates. New Trends, New Ways to Pay Every business, every industry, every outlet […]

11 Best Restaurants in Birmingham City Centre

birmingham best restaurants city centre

Birmingham is home to some of the most diverse hospitality settings in the entire United Kingdom. Host to a wide variety of lively food festivals and events, this is an ideal spot to celebrate some of the best food and drink England has to offer. As the second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham […]

Customisable Restaurant Seating Features with Carbonara App

restaurant seating with Carbonara App

Brand new restaurant seating features have arrived on the Carbonara App. Find out how they help our users, both old and new, to organise their tables. Sign up to join the hundreds already making the most of Carbonara App’s many, many useful restaurant seating features — including frequent news on what’s coming next to make […]

What Makes the Perfect Restaurant Experience

restaurant dining experience

The secret to providing the perfect restaurant guest experience is simpler than you may think. We’ve found examples from across the world to help your restaurant improve its guest services — including information about a free restaurant management app available right now.  What do you think is the best and most unique dining experience a […]

Why Apps Cut Down on Restaurant Overhead

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The art of running a restaurant has always been a costly business. Salaries, utility bills, and ingredients — the list is seemingly never ending. We know that restaurants are worried about rocketing costs and the growing impact these are having on both hospitality teams and their customers. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom. Our […]

Explore Reserve with Google for Restaurants

Reserve with Google for restaurants

Carbonara App has now partnered with Reserve with Google! Find out all the benefits of a restaurant’s online reservation features — completely free. What is Reserve with Google? Reserve with Google is a web platform that is part of the vast and well-known internet search engine and tech family, Google. Alongside restaurants, Reserve with Google […]

How to Survive Managing a Busy Restaurant in 2023

Survive Managing a Busy Restaurant

What happens when the number of customers entering your restaurant takes a dramatic leap forward? Without adequate preparation, managing a busy restaurant can soon spiral into a logistical nightmare. Here’s what to know about the essentials. Still learning how to keep restaurants busy and manage them on busy days? After reading about our top tips, […]

What is Effective Restaurant Digital Marketing in 2023

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For any business today, online marketing is essential. With over two thirds of the world’s population online, the web now provides the ideal place for businesses to display their wares — including restaurants. Restaurant digital marketing rethinks the relationship between new, potential customers and the restaurant teams ready to greet them indoors. Here’s what to […]

10 Key Statistics to Know About Restaurant Technologies

restaurant technologies

How can your restaurant make the most out of today’s restaurant technologies? It starts with a decision: to embrace the inclusion of digital solutions to almost all everyday processes indoors. Here’s what to know.If you have any questions on the latest restaurant tech news, contact us to learn more about the best restaurant technologies — […]