Why Apps Cut Down on Restaurant Overhead

restaurant overhead help with Carbonara App

The art of running a restaurant has always been a costly business. Salaries, utility bills, and ingredients — the list is seemingly never ending. We know that restaurants are worried about rocketing costs and the growing impact these are having on both hospitality teams and their customers. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom. Our […]

How to Survive Managing a Busy Restaurant in 2022

Survive Managing a Busy Restaurant

What happens when the number of customers entering your restaurant takes a dramatic leap forward? Without adequate preparation, managing a busy restaurant can soon spiral into a logistical nightmare. Here’s what to know about the essentials. Still learning how to keep restaurants busy and manage them on busy days? After reading about our top tips, […]

What is Effective Restaurant Digital Marketing in 2022

restaurant digital marketing with Carbonara App

For any business today, online marketing is essential. With over two thirds of the world’s population online, the web now provides the ideal place for businesses to display their wares — including restaurants. Restaurant digital marketing rethinks the relationship between new, potential customers and the restaurant teams ready to greet them indoors. Here’s what to […]

10 Key Statistics to Know About Restaurant Technologies

restaurant technologies

How can your restaurant make the most out of today’s restaurant technologies? It starts with a decision: to embrace the inclusion of digital solutions to almost all everyday processes indoors. Here’s what to know.If you have any questions on the latest restaurant tech news, contact us to learn more about the best restaurant technologies — […]

6 Techniques to Greet Customers in Positive Way

greet customers in a positive way with Carbonara App

What matters in the beginning? In the first moments of contact with customers, which actions stand out the most? Customers likely remember the first interactions with their chosen venues in sparkling detail, so it is important for restaurants to get it right. Learning how to meet and greet restaurant customers in a positive way is […]

When Houston Hired Carbonara App

carbonara app and houston texas food truck

Like many major capitals in the United States of America, Houston’s city centre is a sea of skyscrapers — and they are visible from almost anywhere nearby. From Buffalo Bayou Park, an expansive city green space in the city’s western corners, Houston stands resplendent to the wandering eye. Only a few streets away, however, a […]

What to Know About Restaurant Inventory Management in 2022


Digital tools are now available to assist restaurants in micro-managing their stock and inventory. Here’s what to know about how restaurant inventory management can help your venue boost its operational efficiency. Looking for a complete guide on today’s best restaurant booking software? The latest technology helps restaurants to ease guests through an easy seating process […]

21 Best Places to Eat in Palma de Mallorca

best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca

Noted worldwide for its tourist trade, sunny Mallorca boasts a keen restaurant culture too.  Set within the shoulders of pines and palms, a weekend in the island’s capital, its beautiful surroundings, not only pleases the eye — but pleases the stomach too.  Well worth everyone’s visit, Palma de Mallorca is a visitor’s best chance to […]

Meet Myrtle Beach’s Newest Carbonara App User

Soho Steak and Sushi Myrtle Beach uses Carbonara App

Between South Carolina’s Arcadian Shores and Woodland Park, Myrtle Beach sits slap-bang in the middle of America’s Atlantic coast. Built up by beachland stretching for miles and miles, the city is a bustling summer attraction for thousands all over the country. However, make no mistake: even during autumn and winter, Myrtle Beach enjoys temperate weather […]