buzzer and restaurant pager alternatives

Diners Prefer SMS Reminders to Restaurant Pager Systems

Many diners consider restaurant pager systems a thing of the past. A recent survey found that 40 per cent of respondents preferred text reminders when dining […]
Nasi Lemak at Julies Kopitiam - Glasgow Good Restaurants

Top 7 | Glasgow Good Restaurants | Visit 2021

With one restaurant winning the city’s first Michelin star in eighteen years, Glasgow’s dining scene is quickly shifting. Here are this year’s top picks for restaurants […]

Stay Local with a Free Reservation System for Restaurants

Whether you’re a high-end spot in a thriving city centre or a corner shop cafe in a bustling town, small restaurants need to save as much […]

How Maggie Fu, Liverpool, Reshaped the Queue Experience

For an exquisite taste of the East, head straight to 346 Smithdown Road in the heart of Liverpool, where a family-owned restaurant opens its arms to […]

Barrels Stockholm: Tasty Burgers, Homey Atmosphere With Digital Waitlist

Starting a burger bar in any major city is no easy task. When striving for success, the owners of Barrels always had one goal in mind: […]
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