Modern Dining Etiquette Explained for 2024

dining etiquette explained with carbonara app

The world of dining out is a marvellous assortment of styles, practices, and ways of eating. So how do you get it right? As the hospitality universe continues to shift and change, some things remain the same. Here’s our guide to all the essentials you need to know. For restaurant owners, dining etiquette is important. […]

What is Effective Restaurant Digital Marketing in 2024

For any business today, online marketing is essential. With over two thirds of the world’s population online, the web now provides the ideal place for businesses to display their wares — including restaurants. Restaurant digital marketing rethinks the relationship between new, potential customers and the restaurant teams ready to greet them indoors. Here’s what to […]

Italian Beach Club and Restaurant Celebrates Carbonara App

Porteghetto uses Carbonara App

The coast connecting the French Riviera to northern Italy is vibrant with communities by the sea. Look across the national borders and see the long stretches of beach blend the two nations into one. Visitors will find a range of restaurants facing the waters, open for business and welcoming anyone who happens to pass by […]

What to Know About Automatic Restaurant Scheduling Software in 2024


Many restaurants are suffering a staff scheduling headache, managing staff rotas with manual processes such as using a pen-and-paper spreadsheet. Today there’s a painkiller for that headache — automatic scheduling, courtesy of specialist software, which we outline in this article. How many pen-and-paper processes would your restaurant like to get rid of? Maybe your staff […]

Why Restaurant Table Numbers Matter

Numbering tables is a standard, day-to-day practice in the hospitality industry. Find out more about how digital systems take restaurant table numbering into consideration. For more on keeping control over a venue’s table capacity, read our article “Time Limits on Reservations? — Restaurant Booking App” for top tips on what today’s customers want. Why Implement […]

What is Really Wrong With Online Dining Cancellation Policies

If you’re looking for a better way to help restaurant customers book tables online, consider rethinking where, when, and how you present your restaurant cancellation policy on your website. Customers want to book with you — but not with any added hassle. We discuss some of the reasons why this is hurting the hospitality industry […]

Benefits of Restaurant WhatsApp Integration

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s speediest, simplest, and safest messaging services to help restaurants handle guest reservations. Find out how restaurants can send instant  guest reminders both through WhatsApp and SMS. Our restaurant communications team is always looking for new ways to enhance relationships between restaurants and their customers. Learn more. Facts About […]

How Online Reservations Work

Many restaurants continue to ask what online reservations are all about. Find out about the mechanics of online reservations below, including their benefits. Restaurant Setup Step 1 — Table Inventory In order to offer online reservations, restaurants must start simple and create a table inventory. These are the tables that will appear to be bookable […]

5 Online Reservation Fees You Don’t Need to Pay For

How much do online reservations cost? The answer will baffle you — and rightly so. Restaurant owners are already paying too much to run their businesses. Learn more about the five big online reservation fees that restaurants don’t have to pay. Many restaurants can look forward to saving well-need cash when using Carbonara App’s booking […]