The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Reservation System In 2021

How fast are restaurant reservations changing?  The demands of today’s world — busy bookings, bustling reservations — invite restaurateurs to make a significant leap: switch to […]

The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Waitlist Apps In 2021

These days, waiting in a queue tends to be a common dining-out experience. A popular and successful restaurant brimming with a full dining room always looks […]
Clock at Two Sons Restaurant Wait Time App

Restaurant Wait Time App Tackles Queue Inefficiency

Constantly, a tug-of-war torments the casual restaurant customer. Customers are caught between the pull of long waiting lines and the service they want. In an ideal […]

6 Ways to Attract Restaurant Business on Halloween 2021

With fall in full swing and Halloween soon approaching, you’ll want to maintain seasonal footfall. Here are our top 6 ways to attract guests for restaurants […]
taberna-la-yunta using hospitality management app

Sweet success for Taberna la Yunta serving international guests

Huelva in southern Spain is mostly known for its taut marshlands and ocean views along the coast, but Moguer — one of the region’s smaller locations […]
free app vs paid app profit

5 Reasons Why Restaurant Apps Should Be Free

Journalists anticipate growth in the restaurant sector with technology playing a “key role” in maximising footfall; if this is the case do restaurants then deserve free […]
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