Making Dinner Reservations with a Restaurant Management System

Using handheld technology, restaurant management systems have geared up the guest experience to stay level with our fast and instant world. Now restaurateurs can give guests […]

The Top Five Pre Order Benefits for Restaurants

Customers now want to pre-order alcohol online, but what are the benefits for you? Discover how a free drinks pre-ordering system can help you fulfil today’s […]

How to Cope with a Restaurant Staffing Crisis 2021

On both sides of the Atlantic, US and British restaurants face a worrying situation. They currently share a serious problem: staff shortages.  With many former employees […]

Barrels Stockholm: Tasty Burgers, Homey Atmosphere With Digital Waitlist

Starting a burger bar in any major city is no easy task. When striving for success, the owners of Barrels always had one goal in mind: […]

The First Entirely Free Reservation System

Carbonara App was born as a free digital waitlist system for non-reservation restaurants. As times change rapidly, the company is also evolving to meet restaurant needs.  […]

The Apps Used By Restaurants In the UK

European restaurants use apps and tech tools to manage their restaurants. Restaurant management apps can be a great solution to save time, money, manage better staff […]

Top 5 Best Apps For Restaurants

Restaurants are using apps today more than ever before. There are many restaurant apps available out there for restaurant owners and managers to explore. Here are […]

How many customers do you lose due to the wait?

All industries have access to tools that provide statistics and reports about their activity, usage, and results of workflow. Summaries of these activities help owners and […]

8 Reasons Why A Digital Waitlist Is a Better Tool Than Restaurant Pagers and Buzzers

Table-service restaurants that do not accept reservations have used guest pagers (aka buzzers) as part of their guest management operations for many years. Some restaurants are […]

Why use a Digital Waitlist?

It is no secret that the world is becoming ever more digitized and that includes the restaurant industry. Years ago, restaurants began to adopt POS systems […]

What is a Digital Restaurant Waitlist?

A digital waitlist recreates the pen and paper waitlist but on a smart device, like an iPad or Smartphone. Just like a regular waitlist, it helps […]
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