Tropi & Co. With Excellent Hospitality Management App in Turin, Italy

Red vermouth, the Mole Antonelliana, and a view of the Alps — the city of Turin is a tourist’s European dream. An often-ignored spot, Turin was […]
Dysh Cafe using Free Cafe Management Software

Sheffield Café Thrives with Free Cafe Management Software

Sheffield has many attractions to offer visitors, from industrial landmarks to microbreweries, and most of all, independent eateries, encompassing cultural venues, gastropubs, and cornershop cafes.  Dysh […]
Ollie's cafe using waitlist app to manage virtual queue

Ollie’s Café: from placing customers on hold to maximising turnover with Carbonara App

If you head down the various winding two-lane roads near Brent Knoll, England, you’ll eventually come across a sizable yellow building that stands among triangular trees, […]

Why You Need to Quote Restaurant Wait Times to Customers?

It seems difficult: despite long wait times, busy walk-in restaurants have to ensure their waiting customers will eventually come through the door to be seated.  So […]

Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Analytics

If you operate a busy restaurant, you’re probably collating loads of data without even realising it. However with the right technology at hand, we explain how […]

Restaurant Host App: 5 Ways to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Thinking about how to improve restaurant efficiency? Every restaurant wants to grow and make meaningful changes in the name of self-improvement. For all restaurants efficiency isn’t […]

Time Limits on Reservations? – Restaurant Booking App

Most customers today are accustomed to making a restaurant reservation. A booking app for restaurants makes reservations easy, allowing guests to book tables at their convenience. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Queue Management System 2021

From the supermarket to the post office, we have all stood and waited in a queue — and restaurants are no exception. A line of people […]

Oh Crispa: the flavors of China in the streets of Turin and the virtual queue

Who has never wanted to take a trip to China and taste the delicious dishes of its millenary cuisine? What if we told you that you […]
Don Peppe Verona - lista d'attesa digitale e fila virtuale

Don Peppe: Virtual Queue At The Mall Organized With The Carbonara App

A day full of shopping and eating out go hand in hand, and stowed away in Verona’s ADIGEO Shopping Centre is a dining room where you […]

18B Iseo: from pen and paper to the Carbonara digital waiting list

Italy’s great lakes attract a large swath of visitors each year, but one lesser-spotted body of water in the north proves as bountiful as the rest. […]

Keeping Tables Full With a Wait App

Any busy restaurant turning over tables quickly can keep their tables full throughout the day. Read on below to find out how a wait app can […]
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