buzzer and restaurant pager alternatives

Diners Prefer SMS Reminders to Restaurant Pager Systems

Many diners consider restaurant pager systems a thing of the past. A recent survey found that 40 per cent of respondents preferred text reminders when dining […]
Nasi Lemak at Julies Kopitiam - Glasgow Good Restaurants

Top 7 | Glasgow Good Restaurants | Visit 2021

With one restaurant winning the city’s first Michelin star in eighteen years, Glasgow’s dining scene is quickly shifting. Here are this year’s top picks for restaurants […]

Stay Local with a Free Reservation System for Restaurants

Whether you’re a high-end spot in a thriving city centre or a corner shop cafe in a bustling town, small restaurants need to save as much […]

Best Online Reservation System: Free vs. Pay-per Booking

Often a reservation software’s host company will charge restaurants for using their service — namely, a reservation fee for each guest your restaurant books. However, it […]

Getting Started: Restaurant Tech is Really Easy to Pick Up

A common misconception lurks beneath the waters of restaurant technologies. Many people in the industry associate new technology used in restaurants with difficulty or unavailability.  Luckily, […]

7 Steps to Take Your Restaurant Reservations Online in 2021

Online bookings are a massive time-saver for both restaurants and their customers. A booking page never closes; so now customers can make reservations instantly at any […]

Making Dinner Reservations with a Restaurant Management System

Using handheld technology, restaurant management systems have geared up the guest experience to stay level with our fast and instant world. Now restaurateurs can give guests […]

The Top Five Pre Order Benefits for Restaurants

Customers now want to pre-order alcohol online, but what are the benefits for you? Discover how a free drinks pre-ordering system can help you fulfil today’s […]

How to Cope with a Restaurant Staffing Crisis 2021

On both sides of the Atlantic, US and British restaurants face a worrying situation. They currently share a serious problem: staff shortages.  With many former employees […]

10 Ways to Attract Restaurant Customers in 2021

Retaining customers is a constant challenge for restaurateurs, depending on how attractive a restaurant appears to a customer after their first visit. If there was a […]

Mobile Drinks Ordering to Promote Restaurant Drink Sales

What if you could walk into a restaurant and have your drinks ordered straight away? In an astounding show of speed, mobile drinks ordering is now […]

How Personalised Customer Experience Helps Restaurants 2021

Restaurants have always catered to the needs of the individual. Favourite dishes, preferred seats, chosen conversation topics — all the little things a good restaurateur takes […]
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